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Picture The Perfect Drip Campaign

By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies Marketing Specialist

Picture Perfect Drip Campaign

In a picture perfect world you slay the lead generation dragon, send gripping emails that drive people through your buying cycle, and close business effortlessly. Wake up! These success stories are just the highlights of what it really takes to create the perfect drip campaign with an ROI that makes you the marketing hero slaying the empty pipeline dragon every day.

Picture the perfect drip campaign - a surefire way to build a healthy sales pipeline. Your conversion rates are through the roof and your sales team can hardly close one deal before the next prospect is on the phone begging them to take their order.

Drip campaigns are like email touchpoints that start relevant conversations with your best prospects at different stages of the customer journey. They automate the delivery of timely, relevant communications based on an individual's level of current and potential engagement with your emails. Well designed customer journeys touch leads at the proper time when predictive analytics show they will be the most effective.

If you’re just getting started in digital marketing, it is crucial that you keep your journey and content paths simple. One journey shouldn’t be so generic as to capture every possible lead and push them to the finish line. Send the right message at the right time and close the deal when the prospect is ready rather than asking for the sale when they are still evaluating the product.

Salesforce’s Pardot is capable of creating advanced drip campaigns based on a number of different criteria, but typically requires a high level of expertise to design, implement, and test. Summit Technologies LLC recommends communications between two and four emails long, reducing the margin for error found in more complex journeys. Split test the content and the engagement and then send the most engaged leads to more specific and targeted journeys based on progressive profiling.

When it comes to campaign content, always tease your recipients leaving them wanting more information. Provide secondary CTAs (calls to action) for the eager learners. Otherwise the anticipation is created by advertising what content readers can expect in the coming weeks. Stay tuned next time when…

Based on our years of marketing experience the professionals at Summit Technologies have proven that campaign journeys along best customer experiences have a huge impact on subscriber engagement, and create a connecting narrative to drip communications. Tell an inspiring story around a common thread throughout a series of emails and see how excited and loyal journey members stay while waiting to hear the next chapter and see what value others have gotten from your products and services.

Your potential customers don’t want to be beaten over the head with your messages by a constant barrage of communications. Be sure that your drip campaign and your custom preference center provide recipients with the option to tell you how often they want to hear from you and what they want to hear about.

Respect your subscribers, and make it simple for them to update their preferences. While unsubscribe links are obligatory, Pardot also gives the option of activating a public preference center within your drip campaigns, done simply through the inclusion of an email tag. Preference centers empower subscribers to manage and filter the types of emails they receive from your company, reducing their likelihood of opting out of all communications.

Summit Technologies LLC will listen to your brand’s selling points. We help you craft and test the best content. Coupled with Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics Summit Technologies designs drip campaigns that hit prospects’ inboxes at the right time with the right message. We will guide you through designing prospect segments and preference center options that let everyone stay engaged with your brand wherever they are in the buying process. And as you fill your prospect database in Pardot we will help you segment out the less engaged leads and move them to slower communication campaigns so they don’t get burned out and unsubscribe.

Understanding Pardot’s powerful communication abilities from the perspective of a user, vendor and strategic services partner, Summit Technologies LLC is in a unique position to offer best practice guidance based not only on our own success with the platform but our years of satisfied clients’ success as well. We will get your company up and running with our Pardot Quickstarts, create a picture perfect drip campaign, and coach you through lead generation, wargaming, and conversion.

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