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Import your data into Salesforce

Summit Technologies is proficient at all aspects of Salesforce data import​ and migration. Our consulting team has relevant certifications in:

  • Advanced Salesforce Administration

  • Platform Developer

  • Data Architecture and Management Designer

Some of the services we offer:

  • Salesforce Data Loader

  • Scheduled and automated data loading

  • ETL Data Extract, Transfer, Load Services

  • Data transfer via API

  • Data import into Standard Salesforce objects like Leads, Accounts and Contacts

  • Data import into Custom Salesforce objects

  • Data scrubbing

  • Data deduping

  • Data normalization

  • Data governance consulting

Salesforce certified Data Architecture and Management Designer

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Data Import Consultation

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Our CloudAdvisor Professional Services for Salesforce program ensures that your Salesforce investment returns maximum value to your organization from as little as

$249 per month

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