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government solutions
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The Summit Technologies line of government accelerators enables organizations in the adoption of civic engagement solutions for government. Through the proper implementation of civic engagement, we help enable and improve core processes for city, town, provincial and federal governments.


Our accelerators are built on the Salesforce platform and provide solutions that uniquely address the diverse needs of government agencies and citizens by enhancing workflow and making publicly available information more accessible. We have modules for

  • Economic Development

  • Environmental Health

  • Community Development (Planning, Permitting, & Code Enforcement)

  • Citizen Request Management (311)


Our accelerators empower agencies to reduce workload, increase efficiencies, and provide their citizens and staff with easier, more convenient access to government services.​

Why Summit Technologies for your civic solution?

  • ​We have been designing, building and selling technology solutions for government, higher education, nonprofits and businesses since 2016

  • Having worked in municipal government, our leadership team understands the challenges it faces, including technology and budgets

  • We have a vision for government working in harmony with itself and its citizens, facilitated by affordable technology solutions

  • Our mastery of the Salesforce platform, knowledge of government and pre-built solution accelerators allow us to deliver value quickly, predictably and cost effectively

  • Our solutions are not cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all. They are customized to your organization and needs, with input and feedback from your team every step of the way

  • Extensive, customized training is part of every project

  • The extensible nature of our solution allows for easy integration with other apps or programs you may be using

  • The modular nature of our solution allows for different departments to work on the same platform, easily sharing data and collaborating

  • Specialize in no-code or low-code solutions that are easily maintained and scale well

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