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salesforce marketing cloud quickstart implementation

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As a Salesforce partner, our success is determined by our client's success

Summit Technologies has performed a number of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Quickstarts for clients in many different industries. Why should you choose Summit Technologies for your Marketing Cloud Quickstart?

  • We will provide a no-cost estimate of the cost and timeline for implementation

  • Our consulting team is 100% based in the United States and all of our consultants speak English as their first language

  • Our consultants are all certified by Salesforce

  • Each Quickstart project is assigned to a Delivery Manager as well as a consultant. Delivery Managers are our most senior delivery team members and can assist or advise when needed if more complex business needs arise

  • We have developed proprietary processes and tools to ensure successful delivery of all Quickstart projects

  • We look beyond the initial implementation to set our clients up for long-term success with recommendations for additional ways to leverage Marketing Cloud to streamline business processes through automation and integration

  • Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation specialists are experienced in both the technical implementation and the best usage practices of the platform ensuring you hit the ground running

  • Discovery

    • Determine fields to sync from CRM to SFMC

    • Determine what data will be used to segment Subscribers in SFMC

  • Advise and assist on Sender Authorization Package (SAP) provisioning

  • Set up Marketing Cloud Salesforce CRM Connector

  • Create up to 3 Salesforce Data Extensions in Marketing Cloud

    • For up to 20,000 subscribers and 40 fields synced from CRM

    • Create scheduled automations to reapply segment filters daily to all subscribers

  • Configure up to 5 SFMC Users

  • Create up to 3 Sender Profiles

  • Create one Delivery Profile

  • Create up to 3 Publication Lists

  • Add Marketing Cloud buttons and tracking results to Salesforce CRM Contact and Lead page layouts

  • Advise on IP warming strategy (if necessary)

  • Email Studio training

    • Navigating and administering Marketing Cloud

    • Create a filtered data extension from all subscribers (segment)

    • Create Content for emails

    • Create an email from a template or HTML paste

    • Preview and test send

    • Send email to a list segment

    • View Send Reports

Looking for more than a Quickstart? We offer Marketing Cloud implementation and support services for Journey Builder, Mobile Studio, Advertising Studio, Datorama and more.

See all of our Marketing Cloud services here.

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