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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, formerly known as ExactTarget before its acquisition by Salesforce in 2013, is an enterprise-grade marketing communication platform primarily for business to consumer (B2C) organizations.

The Marketing Cloud incorporates integrated solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile, social media, web personalization, advertising, content creation, content management and data analysis. The platform includes predictive analytics to help make decisions such as what channel would be preferable for a given message. A component called Journey Builder helps marketers tailor campaigns to customers' behavior, needs, demographics and communication channel preferences, which  keeps customers engaged with your brand through multiple channels before, during and after the sale.

Event-driven triggers initiate actions: when a customer joins a loyalty program, Marketing Cloud might be triggered to send a welcome message; other events could trigger data updates in the customer contact record. The Marketing Cloud can be connected to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, which enables coordination that provides a unified experience and prevents customers from being contacted separately by marketers from different groups.

Go Live with Marketing Cloud in Two Weeks!

Summit Technologies Marketing Cloud QuickStart implementation is the best way to quickly get started with Marketing Cloud and receive a fast return on your investment. Most of our clients intend to administer their own marketing solution, and we give you the tools to do so without relying on a third party for routine marketing needs. We do all the one-time setup and configuration chores and advise on best practices.

Our Salesforce™ Certified professionals get to know your company and map your marketing communication requirements to Marketing Cloud functionality, following best practices.

What's included in our Marketing Cloud QuickStart package?

Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Email Studio Quickstart

  • Discovery

    • Data analysis

      • Determine fields to sync from CRM to SFMC

      • Determine what records should be synced from CRM and create checkbox or formula in CRM if necessary to control the sync

      • Determine what data will be used to segment Subscribers in SFMC

  • Advise and assist on Sender Authorization Package (SAP) provisioning

  • Integrate Marketing Cloud with Salesforce via Marketing Cloud Connector

  • Create Salesforce Data Extensions in Marketing Cloud

    • For all subscribers synced from CRM

    • Up to 5 Filtered Data Extensions for segments

      • Create scheduled automations to reapply segment filters daily to all subscribers

  • Configure SFMC Users

  • Create up to 3 Sender Profiles

  • Create one Delivery Profile

  • Create up to 3 Publication Lists

  • Set up Marketing Cloud Salesforce Connector

    • Map fields for Salesforce Leads and Contacts

    • Create custom sync criteria in Salesforce to determine which records are synced to Marketing Cloud

  • Add Marketing Cloud buttons and tracking results to Salesforce CRM Contact and Lead page layouts

  • Advise on IP warming strategy (if necessary)

  • Basic Email Studio training

    • Navigating and administering Marketing Cloud

    • Create a filtered data extension from all subscribers (segment)

    • Create Content for emails

    • Create an email from a template or HTML paste

    • Preview and test send

    • Send email to a list segment

    • View Send Reports

What happens after the Marketing Cloud QuickStart implementation is completed?

After implementation, we recommend that you subscribe to our Marketing Cloud Managed Services program. This ensures that as your company grows and evolves, your marketing automation platform will too. We will handle administration, customization and configuration of Marketing Cloud so you can focus on growing your business!

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Specialist Badge

Marketing Cloud Quickstart


Marketing Automation Discovery

User Configuration

Configure Marketing Cloud Connector

Marketing Data Analysis, Field Mappings from Salesforce to SFMC

Advise and assist on Sender Authorization Package (SAP) Provisioning

Create up to 3 Segments and custom Data Extensions

Create up to 3 Sender Profiles

Create One Delivery Profile

Advise On IP Warming Strategy

Create up to 3 Publication Lists

1 Hour Email Studio Training

Free Marketing Cloud Quickstart


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