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Shark Tank Auto Lead Assignment

By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies Marketing Specialist

Imagine a battlefield, where leads are the prize and your sales team is the army. The key to victory is quickly identifying and assigning the most valuable leads to the right sales reps. But what if some of those leads slip through the cracks and go unclaimed? Enter the Shark Tank approach to lead reassignment.

Shark Tank Lead Assignment

Think of it like a feeding frenzy, where the strongest and quickest sharks (sales reps) are able to claim the juiciest leads before their competition. Summit Technologies and Salesforce can set up an automated system where leads that have not been acted upon within a certain period of time are thrown into a "shark tank" queue. The system then notifies all sales reps with access to the shark tank when a new lead is added, and the race is on to claim it. It's like a game of "Survivor" but instead of a million dollars, the prize is a hot lead.

This method not only ensures that leads are promptly followed up on, but also adds a sense of competition among sales reps, encouraging them to work harder and faster. And with dynamic assignment rules in place, the system can automatically reassign leads, preventing any one rep from hoarding all the best leads. It's like a game of "Hunger Games" but instead of fighting to the death, they're fighting for leads.

The Shark Tank approach to lead reassignment is just one of the many ways to improve the efficiency and conversion rates of your sales team. Contact Summit Technologies for assistance in designing the perfect lead assignment process for your organization. Let's turn your team into a pack of hungry sharks, ready to devour any lead in their path. So, Don't be a "Deadpool" in this "Avengers" sales team, come to Summit Technologies and conquer the lead assignment game.

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