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How Einstein Lead Scoring Works

By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies Marketing Specialist

Not all leads are created equal. And they can’t be accurately scored with arbitrary details, either. Not all clicks, opens, and form fills have the same value for every lead every time. Just because a lead visits your Careers page doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t still a hot prospect.

How does Einstein Lead Scoring Work?

Lead scoring tools and models aren’t all created equal, either.

Einstein Lead Scoring with Sales Cloud Einstein is a key capability built on the backbone of artificial intelligence to help sales reps convert more leads, faster. Automatically analyzing your historical sales data and discovering the top factors that determine whether a lead is likely to convert into an account or opportunity, sales reps can segment and prioritize leads and their work.

Einstein Lead Scoring models are customized to fit each customer's unique needs, ensuring that the models are tailored to their specific business. How does it work? Einstein Lead Scoring analyzes all standard and custom fields attached to the Lead object, and tests various predictive models, such as Logistic Regression, Random Forests, and Naive Bayes. It then automatically selects the best model based on a sample dataset. You don't need to be an expert in statistics or mathematics because Sales Cloud Einstein has done the heavy lifting by finding the best model to optimize lead conversion.

To ensure the most accurate predictions for your leads, the models are updated monthly. Plus, leads are scored every hour using the latest model. If anything changes with one of your leads, it will be rescored within the next hour. With Einstein Lead Scoring, you can confidently prioritize your leads and focus on the ones that are most likely to convert into customers.

The factors Einstein Lead Scoring uses to score leads are displayed on the lead record page, helping sales reps prepare for each and every call or email quickly.

The real magic behind Einstein Lead Scoring is the machine learning that continually improves the accuracy of its predictions. If Einstein discovers based on your latest Salesforce data that VPs in a certain industry who view demos are hot leads, it will rescore all leads matching that criteria automatically.

The top benefits of Einstein Lead Scoring are:

Increased connection and conversion rates

Accelerated engagement with your best leads

Understanding of lead scoring factors

The top features of Einstein Lead Scoring are:

Zero Setup - no implementation or extra tools or import/export of data

Custom Lead Score-Driven Workflows - easy task assignment based on predictive lead scores

Smart Lead Lists - The best leads are sent to the top of your reps’ contact lists quickly

Einstein Lead Scoring and Machine Learning

If you have or are considering implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, talk to Summit Technologies about how Einstein Lead Scoring can close more deals faster for your business.

Summit Technologies is your Salesforce implementation partner and our discovery process ensures we build a Salesforce solution for your business that incorporates everything you need, customized for your business model, and nothing that you don’t need. The Einstein tools can be a powerful component of your Salesforce ecosystem.

Summit Technologies is a Columbus, Ohio based Salesforce Consulting Partner consisting of a talented and creative team of Salesforce certified Consultants, Developers, Analysts and Project Managers. We specialize in building innovative solutions for our clients within the Salesforce family of products including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Experience Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud, Education Cloud, Pardot, Field Services and Salesforce Communities. Summit Technologies strategic services solutions bring custom Salesforce technology to work for your business.


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