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Quickly Launch New Retail Loyalty Experiences

By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies LLC Marketing Specialist and Consultant

Leveraging the power of modern technology, the future of customer loyalty is poised for a radical transformation. Gone are the days of clunky, outdated loyalty programs that took years to deploy and required hefty investments. Today's retailers need a nimble and flexible approach to loyalty, one that keeps pace with the constantly evolving preferences of customers and the demands of the market.

Loyalty programs are no longer just nice to have, they help retain business

To achieve this, retailers must embrace a configuration that enables rapid time to market, unparalleled flexibility, and reduced total cost of ownership. This requires a solution that empowers loyalty teams to refine their programs continuously, measuring key metrics such as ROI, member engagement, profitability/liability, partnership impact, and promotion ROI to ensure that the program delivers on its goals.

At the heart of this transformation lies a no-code environment that provides unparalleled flexibility in setting up the overall loyalty program, including individual components such as tiers, currencies, benefits, and experiences. Brands can leverage the power of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to build rich member profiles, utilizing progressive profiling, surveys, and reviews to deepen relationships. And with seamless integration with marketing automation tools, commerce storefronts, and assisted channels, retailers can deliver real-time personalization of offers and rewards, leveraging customer insights to create truly memorable experiences.

To ensure that members are rewarded for their behavior and engagement, retailers need a flexible rules engine that automates the accruals and redemptions process. And with AI/ML-based predictive tools, retailers can forecast program liability and promotional ROI, constantly aligning the program with its goals.

Finally, a flexible partnership management system enables retailers to onboard partners into the loyalty program, expanding program offerings beyond the brand and delivering a truly dynamic and personal loyalty experience across the shopper journey.

The future of customer loyalty is here, and it's exciting! With customer data as the foundation, retailers can make smarter decisions, create economically viable and highly relevant loyalty programs, and ultimately, drive customer engagement and improve loyalty.

Contact Summit Technologies LLC today for powerful ideas to launch retail loyalty programs that win and retain customers!


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