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Salesforce High Velocity is Now Sales Engagement

Salesforce Sales Engagement

The High Velocity Sales name has changed to Sales Engagement. The automation features within the product now include customer engagement tracking, chat bots, and sales cadences. The new name captures all the tools to use to automate processes and to engage strategically with leads and customers so that your sales team can focus on selling.

Sales Engagement is built on the Lightning Sales Console, which provides you with everything you need in a tab-based workspace.

Work Queue provides a prioritized list of emails, calls, and custom sales actions. And that it’s divided into three separate tabs.

  1. Sales Cadences: These are sequences of activities created by Jose for different types of prospective customers. For example, Jose’s created a specific sequence for handling leads from the recent Shoetacular Trade Show.

  2. My Feed: This includes any activities that need your attention. For instance, one of your messages bounces and you want to remember to follow up and figure out what might have happened.

  3. My List: These are separate one-off calls and emails that aren’t tied to a sales cadence, like follow-ups to a prospect about a seasonal discount.

Features include:

  • Sales Dialer: It’s Salesforce’s in-app calling solution. Make and receive calls, take notes, leave pre-recorded voicemail messages, and track call results, all natively within Salesforce.

  • Inbox: More than just your standard email inbox, this integrated tool allows you to send mobile and email messages with calendar availability, Einstein Email Insights, and Recommended Connections—all from within Sales Engagement. You can even schedule messages to send later, ensuring you communicate with prospects at just the right time.

  • Einstein Activity Capture: Save time by syncing your email and calendar with Salesforce. Email and events are automatically added to the activity timeline of related records. If Einstein Activity Capture is turned on, users are prompted to connect their email accounts and calendars to Salesforce. Until they do so, they can’t send emails in Lightning Experience.

  • Einstein Lead Scoring: Prioritize your most valuable leads with a numeric score to see which leads are the most likely to convert.

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