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New Integrations for Slack - Summer '22 Release

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

When Salesforce acquired Slack in 2021, the SVP for Slack at Salesforce, Rob Seaman, stated “we really want Slack to be the primary engagement surface for our users, their communications, their work, their workflows and the processes and the apps they support.” Since then, Salesforce has successfully integrated Slack into an almost invaluable tool, expanding its uses to sales, service, marketing, and analytics. With the Summer ’22 release, Salesforce has announced more ways the company intends to utilize Slack to help users get the most out of their Salesforce Platform.

Salesforce Cloud Integrations for Slack

Salesforce is introducing new integrations with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud to bring Salesforce data and tools right into Slack, increasing team performance, and making conversations more insightful, customer-centric, and action-oriented.

New updates to Sales Cloud allow users to connect to Slack workspaces to surface important Sales Cloud data across their organization throughout the Digital HQ for Sales. Sales conversations are centralized and teams are automatically notified about important opportunity or account updates within Salesforce-linked channels. These real time notifications help sales focus on high priority opportunities and leverage resources wisely.

The Notification Wizard allows individuals to tailor their alerts to their needs. Surface important deals—whether they're new or just closed—to managers in personalized Slack channels so nothing falls through the cracks.

To accelerate decisions from anywhere with the Digital HQ for Financial Services, Salesforce is introducing Slack + Financial Services Cloud. Users can quickly get the insights they need from FSC in the right context to make decisions faster. In this first release, users can execute deals efficiently and collaborate more effectively with capabilities like creating and reviewing interaction summaries directly from Slack and creating deal channels for deals approved by compliance teams.

CRM Analytics for Slack

Users can bring data to every conversation and get data-driven insights from anywhere with CRM Analytics and Slack. Digital HQ for Analytics helps make analytics accessible throughout an organization so that data is more impactful.

Login Enhancements for Slack and Microsoft

Employees and customers can sign into Salesforce orgs, Experience Cloud sites, and third-party apps connected to Salesforce with ease using their Slack or Microsoft credentials.

Care Coordination for Slack

Care coordinators can improve outcomes and reduce readmissions by arranging the transitions of care for their patients and members. Care team members can now create an escalated event in Health Cloud, which creates an alert notification for the Care Coordinator.

Student Success Alerts for Slack

Enable faculty–or any member of a student’s support team–to raise alerts about at-risk students from an easy-to-use Slack app that feeds directly into Student Success Hub. Alerts made in Slack immediately notify the student’s advisor, who can then address the alert and make any necessary changes.

Salesforce dedicated a lot of time crafting experiences and workflows to significantly change the way people work together. By making messaging a complementary tool to its products, Salesforce has transformed tedious tasks, such as creating Slack channels or sending account updates, into fully automated workflows. Astonishingly, these updates are only a sliver of what the Salesforce Summer ’22 release has to offer.

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