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Connecting Slack with Salesforce

By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies LLC Marketing Specialist

Slack and Salesforce. There are really only two important things to know. Slack enables teams to collaborate and coordinate, and Slack is fully integratable with your new or existing Salesforce CRM tools.

Salesforce does offer a Trailhead to help companies integrate Slack themselves. Summit Technologies LLC can include Slack and Salesforce integration into any Salesforce project.

In the most simplistic of steps, the Salesforce Slack integration is initiated between the apps from the Apps tab in your Slack Sidebar. Search for and select Salesforce. From the app’s Home tab, click Connect Account. Once Slack and Salesforce are connected, just click Open Slack to return to the Slack app.

With Slack and Salesforce connected in your CRM’s org, you can speed up tasks such as creating Salesforce cases, working leads, submit opportunities for approval, and share information across relevant teams.

Both Slack and Salesforce further integrate with many other business apps so you can use the platforms to bring all your technology stack together in one centralized location. The Salesforce App for Slack 2.0 connector is a pre-built integration that allows Slack users to grab information from Salesforce and share it with the Slack community. In fact, with the integration Slack becomes one of the easiest methods you can use to share reports and data from Salesforce and Salesforce tools.

To use the Salesforce app for Slack, your Salesforce administrator will need to install and configure the Slack package in your Salesforce org. The package is compatible with both Salesforce Lightning and Classic Experiences, and supports Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

It is recommended that you install and configure Slack using the Slack Setup assistant or with the assistance of Summit Technologies LLC so that all users in your Salesforce org can use the Slack app to set up alerts for standard and custom objects. To enable custom objects, make sure you are using Salesforce package version 1.56 or higher. With Salesforce Professional you will also need the API Access add-on. To use the components in Lightning, your Salesforce org must also have a custom domain.

Don’t feel overwhelmed. Summit Technologies LLC can handle your custom integration and installation ensuring that Slack and Salesforce work properly together.

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