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Summit Technologies' Picks for the Top 5 Highlights of the Salesforce Spring '22 Release

Salesforce is the global CRM leader because of its powerful and highly-integrated platform, Net Zero impact, advanced innovation, and so much more. Although there are many reasons to be excited about Salesforce, we are looking forward to the Spring '22 Release. Salesforce periodically releases updates that improve the performance, security, logic, and usability of the platform. Since the platform is constantly evolving, Salesforce releases three times a year (Winter, Spring, Summer) with many new features and improvements.

These are our top 5 highlights from the Spring '22 Release.

Sales and Service

New out-of-the-box functionality, like asset integration, work plan integration, Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Management, and default page layouts, allow incident response teams to detect, diagnose, and resolve incidents faster. The Winter '22 Release already introduced three new standard objects to help resolve customer cases and major disruptions. These new functionalities are designed to make it even easier for response teams to complete cases.

Platform and Apps

Salesforce is introducing Backup and Restore, a feature to help businesses stay resilient by preventing permanent data loss. In just a few clicks, administrators are able to restore data from any previous backup. This feature also includes a "Logs" tab which keeps track of each back up, policy execution, and any potential errors that may occur.

Nonprofit and Education

Enhancements to the Elevate now allow PayPal Checkout to giving pages and custom donation forms. Donors using PayPal Checkout do not have to reenter their information, making giving much easier. Elevate will clearly mark all donations received as PayPal or credit card, and transfer the information to the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Integration and Analytics

Spring '22 is introducing Intelligent Insights and dynamic pre-built dashboards to the Tableau CRM for Public Sector to improve operational efficiency. This will fuel data-driven decisions among executives by centralizing license, permit, and inspections data. Users can track a department's performance, identify applications and inspections that need attention, and improve workflow efficiency. Additionally, they can get immediate insights into an account’s applications, licenses, complaints, inspections, and violations from an account record page.

Net Zero, Financial Services, Health, & Manufacturing

Tableau CRM for Financial Services: Insurance Dashboards presents key claims analytics such as closure rates and average settling times across lines of business and departments, to pinpoint bottlenecks, improve workflows, enhance staffing models, and more. Users can assess financial performance to support optimal pricing and risk exposure.

Click here to read more about the Spring '22 Release.

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