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  • Mike Leibrand

Taking Payments on Salesforce Experience Cloud

Not all e-commerce solutions require a full shopping cart experience. For some of our clients who only offer a handful of products or services or whose purchasing process requires a wizard-like interface to gather information from the customer, an e-commerce solution like Commerce Cloud or Shopify may be overkill or unable to meet their needs.

Shopping Cart

Luckily there are a few apps out there that allow credit card payments to be taken on the Salesforce platform, including Salesforce customer, constituent or partner portals built on Experience Cloud. We are able to build customer checkout experiences using Salesforce Screen Flows or products like FormAssembly. Payments are then records in the Salesforce CRM where full CRM users have the ability to take payments manually, handle refunds and more. Since the payments are Salesforce records in the CRM, they are available for reports and dashboards.

We have used a number of different Salesforce apps to build out this functionality and our current favorite is Chargent. Read more about our services setting up payment processing in Experience Cloud portals here.

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