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  • Utah Dept of Corrections Public Safety Officer Recruiting

    Utah Department of Corrections Utah Dept of Corrections Public Safety Officer Recruiting Recruiting solution and applicant portal for public sector employees built on Salesforce About the Client The Utah Department of Corrections’ nearly 2,300 employees supervise more than 15,000 individuals in the community and approximately 5,900 incarcerated individuals. Positions within the Department range from correctional officers to Adult Probation and Parole agents to maintenance specialists to social workers to chaplains to registered nurses to accountants and so much more. The Challenge Utah Department of Corrections (UDC) required an easy to use, simple to manage, public facing portal for applicants. Like many public safety organizations (fire service, police department, corrections, National Guard) UDC had a common recruiting workflow that needed to be moved into the cloud to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Starting at recruiting events or opportunities, staff wanted to refer possible applicants to NEOGOV, a public sector HR platform, which, if the applicant is approved, would then hand off be aligned to a public facing web portal to manage additional due diligence and process requirements. While this process commences, segmented marketing messages could be used to nurture potential candidates & applicants to keep the public sector candidate warmed up for the open requisition. Prior to this project, this process was entirely manual, which was not efficient and staff-intensive. The Solution Summit Technologies leveraged several commercial off the shelf (COTS) components in the Salesforce ecosystem to stand up an online portal that automatically provisions approved candidates via a direct secure integration with NEOGOV. This protects information in NEOGOV, but allows more coherent, scalable management of approved candidates to complete the process. This workflow can also be used to send targeted messages to individuals or groups of applicants to keep them invested throughout the process. Result for Our Client Transformation from a year over year loss in recruiting to exceeding all annual goals, catching up on the prior years goal as well Recruiting timeline reduced from 90+ to 45 days 70% gain in efficiency Simplifying and improving the reporting process from internal basic reporting to executive & state level outputs, reducing manual reporting efforts by 30 hours every month. In Our Client's Words... ​ Related Summit Technologies Services let's talk about how we can turn your challenge into a success story Send Thank you, we will get back to you within one business day

  • Salesforce CRM Managed Services

    Salesforce CRM Managed Services Achieve organizational alignment, application integration, efficient automation and capitalize on the latest features with expert training with Managed Services 12 Months Managed Services start at $4320 Maximize Your Salesforce ROI with Summit Technologies At Summit Technologies, we understand that a dynamic Salesforce implementation evolves with your organization. Our services ensure that your Salesforce journey is continually optimized and tailored to your business's needs: Alignment with Organizational Changes: We help Salesforce evolve with your company, ensuring it always serves your current business needs. Cross-departmental Integration: Extend Salesforce's power to departments like customer service, delivery, field service, and marketing. Efficient Automation: Elevate business processes by automating tasks and workflows within Salesforce. Data Management: Seamlessly load crucial data, including leads, accounts, and contacts. Holistic Business Integration: Connect Salesforce with essential tools like accounting software, ERP systems, eCommerce platforms, and more. Skillful Training: From onboarding new hires to refining the skills of your existing team, our training sessions boost user adoption and expertise. Data-Driven Insights: Leverage your platform data, gleaning actionable insights that empower your leadership to seize new opportunities. User-Centered Customization: We refine user interfaces based on actual feedback, ensuring a more intuitive and efficient user experience. Staying Updated: Harness the latest Salesforce functionalities with our guidance on the three annual Salesforce releases. Building In-house Expertise: Cultivate a robust internal proficiency in Salesforce administration. Choose Summit Technologies and ensure your Salesforce investment consistently drives value and remains aligned with your dynamic business landscape. What's Included Discover tailored solutions with Summit Technologies' Salesforce Managed Services packages. Designed to adapt to diverse business needs, our offerings range from 6 to 12 months with varying hours each month. Whether you're a budding enterprise or an established brand, we have the perfect package to streamline your Salesforce experience. Evaluate your demands, set your budget, and choose a flexible plan that grows with you. Important Considerations Related Success Stories National Truck Protection Sales Cloud Managed Services Managed Services for Sales Cloud with ERP Integration Ross Environmental Services Salesforce Field Service Lightning Implementation Salesforce Field Service Lightning Implementation eAtlantic Engineering Salesforce Field Service Lightning Implementation eAtlantic Engineering partnered with Summit Technologies on a journey to digital transformation - away from a paper-based system, to a modern, streamlined, and simple inspection process. Summit Technologies recognized that eAtlantic Engineering’s business objective would be a great fit for the Salesforce Field Service Lightning product. eAtlantic Engineering agreed and engaged Summit Technologies in implementing that solution for their mobile inspection process. Tenants Together Action Network Integration Tenants Together Install and configure Action Network Connector for Salesforce The Ohio State University College of Dentistry Salesforce CRM, Customer Community and custom Lightning Component A custom Sterilization Monitoring Service system for The Ohio State University College of Dentistry Vanguard Motor Sales LLC migration from Dealer Accelerate Vanguard Motor Sales LLC Migration from Dealer Accelerate to Salesforce Sales Cloud and SharinPix ready to chat? let's connect! Send Thank you, we will get back to you within one business day

  • Salesforce Solutions for Higher Education

    Salesforce Solutions for Higher Education Salesforce services for higher ed include Advancement solutions, SIS, finance & LMS integrations, student recruiting & portals, student success & more! Price will vary based on the scope of each project Summit Technologies has successfully delivered solutions for a number of higher education institutions. Our services include: Set up and configure Education Cloud (EDA) Set up and configure Nonprofit Cloud (NPSP) for Advancement SIS integrations including Banner SIS LMS integrations including Canvas Integration with finance systems including Workday Integrations with other systems including enrollment, recruiting, and more Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation​ for student portals Discovery Gap analysis Data analysis Project Management Solution architecture Data architecture (including EDA) Salesforce Configuration Salesforce Lightning Component Development Business Process Automation Recruiting / Engagement Solutions Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot​) Marketing Cloud User and Administrator Training Data migration Post go-live support ​ Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA) EDA is an open source, community-driven data architecture built to configure Salesforce out of the box for the full K-20 student lifecycle. Designed to be a flexible and scalable data architecture for institutions of all sizes, EDA can fit your specific use cases from Day 1. Easily see the relationships students have with advisors and family members as well as their affiliations with clubs, departments and more - all in a single view. With a solid building block for institutional growth, your institution will be well on it's way to becoming a Connected Campus and increasing student engagement across the entire lifecycle. ​ Interactions for Student Recruitment Interactions for Student Recruitment provides higher education institutions the tools they need to manage student recruitment in Salesforce. As an unmanaged package/open-source code, it builds on the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) data model and uses Affiliations, Administrative Accounts, and other HEDA features. Interactions for Student Recruitment uses Salesforce-standard Duplicate Management with new functionality called Interactions, which save time and reduce duplicate records by streamlining the data entry process . It provides a highly customizable structure to standard functionality such as Opportunities and Campaigns to meet the many different needs of a higher education institution. This project was funded by a technology innovation grant and includes technical documentation, user guides, learning guides, and other documents to help universities get started with recruiting in Salesforce. Salesforce Student Advisor Link Advisor Link, which is built on the Salesforce platform, transforms advising in three important ways: By automating certain manual tasks, advisors can spend more time actually advising. Advisor Link will provide provide analytics and insights to empower “data-informed advising.” Advisor Link will help align the student’s community of support and affirm connectedness to their school. ​ NPSP for Advancement The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a free add-on for Salesforce that allows higher education organizations to organize their fundraising activities . What's Included We offer Managed Services for Higher Ed Salesforce implementations Important Considerations Related Success Stories ready to chat? let's connect! Send Thank you, we will get back to you within one business day

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  • Streamlining Operations with Salesforce and PLEX ERP

    Weldaloy, a leading producer of welding components, faced operational challenges as their customer base expanded. To enhance efficiency, they adopted Salesforce, a robust CRM platform, and took a strategic leap by seamlessly integrating PLEX ERP with the help of Summit Technologies and Commercient. PLEX ERP, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system, proved to be a game-changer for Weldaloy. This integration not only streamlined sales and customer management but also provided real-time insights into manufacturing, inventory, and financial data. The decision to choose Salesforce Government Cloud, combined with SHIELD, ensured compliance with stringent government regulations in the industries where Weldaloy operates, offering a secure and compliant environment for PLEX ERP integration. Summit Technologies played a crucial role in configuring automations that significantly improved operational efficiency, addressing specific pain points in Weldaloy's workflow. The collaboration with Commercient facilitated a seamless PLEX Integration, ensuring effective communication between the Weldaloy and Commercient teams. Ongoing support from Summit Technologies through a Managed Services Package allows Weldaloy to efficiently manage their Salesforce Government Cloud organization and maximize the benefits of the PLEX ERP integration. This success story underscores the transformative impact of Salesforce and the seamless integration of PLEX ERP, providing operational efficiency, data compliance, and a unified approach to business processes. Weldaloy can now focus on their core business with confidence and peace of mind. Read the complete Weldaloy success story here.

  • Taking Payments on Salesforce Experience Cloud

    Not all e-commerce solutions require a full shopping cart experience. For some of our clients who only offer a handful of products or services or whose purchasing process requires a wizard-like interface to gather information from the customer, an e-commerce solution like Commerce Cloud or Shopify may be overkill or unable to meet their needs. Luckily there are a few apps out there that allow credit card payments to be taken on the Salesforce platform, including Salesforce customer, constituent or partner portals built on Experience Cloud. We are able to build customer checkout experiences using Salesforce Screen Flows or products like FormAssembly. Payments are then records in the Salesforce CRM where full CRM users have the ability to take payments manually, handle refunds and more. Since the payments are Salesforce records in the CRM, they are available for reports and dashboards. We have used a number of different Salesforce apps to build out this functionality and our current favorite is Chargent. Read more about our services setting up payment processing in Experience Cloud portals here.

  • Turning SMART Goals Into SMARTER Goals

    By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies Marketing Specialist Management theorist and consultant, Peter F. Drucker (of Drucker-School of Management fame) used the acronym SMART to define and structure success metrics for setting goals. Specific—You can define the goal in a clear and precise manner. Measureable—You can assign a number or checkpoint to the goal. Achievable—You can actually attain the goal. Relevant—You can apply the goal to your work or your plan or your larger initiatives. Time-bound—You can set a certain time period to achieve the goal. Want to work smarter? I would propose that you rewrite your goals one more time with SMARTER goals instead of SMART goals. What do the last E and R stand for? Evaluator and reward. It is a good idea to have a team or individual who makes the judgment call that the goal is achieved rather than still a work in progress and for best possible team and organization buy-in don’t just show a percentage or number but show how it impacts the organization in the long run. The evaluator may or may not be a member of the team who brings the goal to life. But the evaluator should be well versed enough in the goal and its implementation to identify whether it was completed successfully and met its measurable criteria. The reward is an integral part of the evaluation and the drive behind the goal. What is the reward to the business or team or organization when the goal is completed? SMARTER goals are a key to achieving success - in marketing, in digital transformation, and in life.

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