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  • Summit Technologies LLC - Columbus OH Salesforce Consultants

    innovative solutions powered by salesforce salesforce services Implementations, custom development, integrations, training and more salesforce quickstarts Get up and running in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot and NPSP salesforce managed services Gain a team of Salesforce experts for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee industry & govt solutions View our industry accelerators and solutions for higher ed, government & more As a Salesforce partner, our success is determined by our client's success Summit Technologies is a Columbus, Ohio based Salesforce Consulting Partner consisting of a talented and creative team of Salesforce certified Consultants, Developers, Analysts and Project Managers. We specialize in building innovative solutions for our clients within the Salesforce family of products including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ/Revenue Cloud, Experience Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud, Education Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Management (formerly Pardot) and Field Service Lightning. Summit Technologies' strategic services solutions bring custom Salesforce technology to work for your business. Our leadership team has over 40 years of CRM experience designing sales and marketing automation solutions for growing organizations. We actively listen to and work with our clients to craft technology solutions tailored to their specific needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. ​ We work with many industries, including: nonprofit, small businesses, higher education, transportation and logistics, insurance, healthcare, retail, telecommunications and municipal and state government. ​ Our development team employs Agile, User Story and Scrum Project Management methodologies to ensure maximum value is provided quickly and consistently to our clients. Our team members all possess current certifications and undergo continuing education within the Salesforce family of products. ​ We partner with other leading third party solution providers in the Salesforce ecosystem including Conga, Tibco Scribe, Sdocs, FormAssembly, Commercient, Linvio, SMS Magic and many others. ​ We are very proud of our 5-star rating on the Salesforce AppExchange , earned one project at a time from our customers. Read about our history, philosophy and delivery strategy 3 salesforce architects 76 salesforce certifications "Easy to work with" "Northwoods worked with Summit Technologies to help migrate our Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to Salesforce. Mike and his team were extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and easy to work with. They were able to help us configure the system to handle complex business processes while making the system easy for end users. They were also able to migrate all our legacy Dynamics data to the new Salesforce system. Summit Technologies helped train our technical team on Salesforce administration while keeping the project on time and under budget. I highly recommend Summit Technologies for any Salesforce-related project." -Angie W. ready to chat? let's connect! Send Thank you, we will get back to you within one business day contact

  • Celigo

    summit technologies partner Celigo Thousands of companies trust Celigo to synchronize data, automate processes, and streamline operations by integrating their applications. Built on , Celigo offers Integration Apps, a suite of prebuilt, fully managed integration applications for popular cloud apps, including Salesforce, NetSuite, OpenAir, Shopify, Amazon, Zendesk, and many others. With Celigo's CloudExtend products, Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Google Apps users can save time and effort by efficiently managing Salesforce or NetSuite data. related summit technologies services Sync customers, orders, opportunities, products and much more between Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP Salesforce - NetSuite ERP Integration

  • Salesforce Data Loading Services

    Salesforce Data Loading Services We offer fast, efficient and repeatable Salesforce Data Import & Migration services. Load data once or many times from any source to your CRM. Price varies based on the level of engagement. Salesforce Data Loading Summit Technologies is proficient at all aspects of Salesforce data import​ and migration. Our consulting team has relevant certifications in: Advanced Salesforce Administration Platform Developer Data Architecture and Management Designer ​ Some of the services we offer: Salesforce Data Loader Scheduled and automated data loading ETL Data Extract, Transfer, Load Services Data transfer via API Data import into Standard Salesforce objects like Leads, Accounts and Contacts Data import into Custom Salesforce objects Data scrubbing Data deduping Data normalization Data governance consulting What's Included Important Considerations Related Success Stories ready to chat? let's connect! Send Thank you, we will get back to you within one business day

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  • Streamlining Operations with Salesforce and PLEX ERP

    Weldaloy, a leading producer of welding components, faced operational challenges as their customer base expanded. To enhance efficiency, they adopted Salesforce, a robust CRM platform, and took a strategic leap by seamlessly integrating PLEX ERP with the help of Summit Technologies and Commercient. PLEX ERP, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system, proved to be a game-changer for Weldaloy. This integration not only streamlined sales and customer management but also provided real-time insights into manufacturing, inventory, and financial data. The decision to choose Salesforce Government Cloud, combined with SHIELD, ensured compliance with stringent government regulations in the industries where Weldaloy operates, offering a secure and compliant environment for PLEX ERP integration. Summit Technologies played a crucial role in configuring automations that significantly improved operational efficiency, addressing specific pain points in Weldaloy's workflow. The collaboration with Commercient facilitated a seamless PLEX Integration, ensuring effective communication between the Weldaloy and Commercient teams. Ongoing support from Summit Technologies through a Managed Services Package allows Weldaloy to efficiently manage their Salesforce Government Cloud organization and maximize the benefits of the PLEX ERP integration. This success story underscores the transformative impact of Salesforce and the seamless integration of PLEX ERP, providing operational efficiency, data compliance, and a unified approach to business processes. Weldaloy can now focus on their core business with confidence and peace of mind. Read the complete Weldaloy success story here.

  • Taking Payments on Salesforce Experience Cloud

    Not all e-commerce solutions require a full shopping cart experience. For some of our clients who only offer a handful of products or services or whose purchasing process requires a wizard-like interface to gather information from the customer, an e-commerce solution like Commerce Cloud or Shopify may be overkill or unable to meet their needs. Luckily there are a few apps out there that allow credit card payments to be taken on the Salesforce platform, including Salesforce customer, constituent or partner portals built on Experience Cloud. We are able to build customer checkout experiences using Salesforce Screen Flows or products like FormAssembly. Payments are then records in the Salesforce CRM where full CRM users have the ability to take payments manually, handle refunds and more. Since the payments are Salesforce records in the CRM, they are available for reports and dashboards. We have used a number of different Salesforce apps to build out this functionality and our current favorite is Chargent. Read more about our services setting up payment processing in Experience Cloud portals here.

  • Turning SMART Goals Into SMARTER Goals

    By Shannan Hearne, Summit Technologies Marketing Specialist Management theorist and consultant, Peter F. Drucker (of Drucker-School of Management fame) used the acronym SMART to define and structure success metrics for setting goals. Specific—You can define the goal in a clear and precise manner. Measureable—You can assign a number or checkpoint to the goal. Achievable—You can actually attain the goal. Relevant—You can apply the goal to your work or your plan or your larger initiatives. Time-bound—You can set a certain time period to achieve the goal. Want to work smarter? I would propose that you rewrite your goals one more time with SMARTER goals instead of SMART goals. What do the last E and R stand for? Evaluator and reward. It is a good idea to have a team or individual who makes the judgment call that the goal is achieved rather than still a work in progress and for best possible team and organization buy-in don’t just show a percentage or number but show how it impacts the organization in the long run. The evaluator may or may not be a member of the team who brings the goal to life. But the evaluator should be well versed enough in the goal and its implementation to identify whether it was completed successfully and met its measurable criteria. The reward is an integral part of the evaluation and the drive behind the goal. What is the reward to the business or team or organization when the goal is completed? SMARTER goals are a key to achieving success - in marketing, in digital transformation, and in life.

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