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Jobs Ohio

Jobs Ohio

Jobs Ohio Lightning migration and code remediation​

Lightning migration and code remediation​

About the Client

A midwest state economic development organization that uses Salesforce in their efforts to attract new businesses to the region.

The Challenge

Client  had been using Salesforce since 2008 and had employed a number of  outside consultants and inside resources to customize the org. The  resulting code base and antiquated apps were not ready for Lightning and  the client's decentralized workforce did not feel ready for a new user  interface, particularly if it meant functionality would be lost.

Org had extensive technological debt

  • Out of date Apex code

  • Hard coded URL’s and record ID’s

  • Unsupported third party BPM app

  • Custom fields with in-line styles in the labels

The Solution

Summit Technologies performed a thorough Health Check on the org using Lightning Readiness, Optimizer, Field Trip and other  free apps downloaded from the App Exchange to quickly assess situation.  Summit Developers cataloged all Apex and Visualforce classes and  analyzed each for

  • API Version

  • Hardcoded URL's or record ID's

  • Poorly optimized code

Similarly,  Summit Technologies consultants analyzed Workflow Rules and  Automations, Process Builders, Objects and Fields to determine if  previous work had been done to best practices, and found many instances  where it had not been. Installed packages were reviewed to determine  what is in use and what as not. The Summit Team cataloged all of this  information in a shared workbook and put together and executed a project  plan to get the client up and running in Lightning in 12 weeks. Plan  included

  • Additional  discovery and stakeholder interviews around an out-of-date business  process management solution used to initiate new projects in Salesforce

  • Set up Full sandbox for remediation and testing

  • Remediation of all Apex and VF code to bring it up to current API version and resolve any other tech debt issues

  • Created custom interview flows to replace obsolete business process management (BPM) app

  • Optimize Lightning Page Layouts based on client needs and requirements

  • Built new dashboards and embedded them in the Home Pages by user Profile

  • Enabled duplicate management functionality

  • Cleared out unused or redundant fields, reports and dashboards

  • Coordinated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure that the solution launched seamlessly

  • Worked with client Salesforce Admin to empower them to administer the Lightning user interface

  • Created a user training program and trained a trainer

  • Provided support both during and after roll-out

Result for Our Client

​Success! The project was completed without any major obstacles on time.

  • Client's Apex code is up to date and to best practices, reducing risk of errors or unexpected behavior

  • Custom  interview flows created by Summit Technologies enabled business users  to quickly and accurately perform their duties while eliminating  unsupported and obsolete third party solution

  • Business users have custom dashboards tailored to their job role embedded in their home pages

  • Business users have greater trust in the data due to duplicate management and lack of redundant fields

  • No unexpected down time and a smooth deployment

In Our Client's Words...

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