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Janitorial Services Inc

Janitorial Services Inc

Janitorial Services, Inc.
Salesforce CRM Quickstart & Sales Cloud Implementation

Janitorial Services, Inc. migration from ACT! to
Salesforce Sales Cloud with MailChimp Integration

About the Client

Janitorial Services, Inc. (JSI) was started in 1970 by Ronald Martinez Sr. in Cleveland, Ohio, and is still family-owned and operated by Ronald Martinez Jr. (President). Since 1970, JSI has developed a reputation of being one of Ohio’s premier janitorial providers, offering high-quality, cost-effective building solutions. As of today, JSI currently employs over 1,000 professionals, and have grown their customer base to over 200 accounts throughout the entire state of Ohio.

The Challenge

JSI  was operating on an outdated platform (ACT!) that was not scaling with  the rapid growth of the business. Client sales representatives did not  have access to a mobile platform, so data visibility while in the field  was limited, Delays in accurate and updated information being entered  into the system affected the sales pipeline, forecasting and reporting.   The organization didn’t have a centralized system to record client  information, so time and productivity were wasted trying to verify the  correct information and to find activities related to accounts. JSI was  utilizing Mailchimp for their email marketing campaigns, but their CRM would not integrate with it to allow for proper email targeting and contact management.

The Solution

JSI engaged Summit Technologies to migrate from ACT! to the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM and integrate Salesforce with Mailchimp.  Summit Technologies delivered a solution that allowed JSI and their employees to:

  • Have better visibility into their Accounts from both the office and while in the field

  • Easily schedule a series of follow-ups with an Account or Prospect

  • Be alerted when a Contract is up for renewal

  • Automatically add Contacts to Mailchimp email campaigns based on criteria

  • Use an integrated email platform to deliver content to Leads and Accounts

  • Track activities for Accounts and Contacts

  • View and manage Sales pipeline

  • Have a single source of truth for Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Contracts and Activities

  • Be positioned to further extend the solution to drive efficiency in their growing business

Result for Our Client

Janitorial  Services, Inc., was very pleased with their new instance of Salesforce  and started realizing the benefits of the new system immediately.  Summit Technologies remains engaged with the client to ensure proper adoption of the system, and to assist with any further customizations and training.

In Our Client's Words...

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