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Salesforce Sales Cloud Quickstart

Salesforce Sales Cloud Quickstart

Accelerate your Sales Cloud setup with our Quickstart. US-based certified consultants offer tailored training, ensuring completion in just weeks.

Sales Cloud Quickstart from $4,200

Embarking on a Salesforce journey? Let Summit Technologies guide your path. Here's why we stand out:

  1. Transparent Estimation: Receive a no-cost estimate, detailing cost and timeline for a smooth implementation.

  2. US-Based Expertise: Our consultants, all native English speakers, are 100% based in the U.S., ensuring clear communication.

  3. Certified Brilliance: Our team boasts Salesforce-certified consultants, guaranteeing expert-led implementations done to Salesforce best practices.

  4. Guided Delivery: Every Quickstart project benefits from the oversight of a dedicated Delivery Manager, ensuring even complex needs are met seamlessly.

  5. Proven Processes: We've honed proprietary tools and methods that guarantee successful Quickstart project deliveries every time.

  6. Future-Forward Focus: We ensure your initial success and guide you toward harnessing Sales Cloud's full potential for long-term growth and automation.

Tailored Quickstart Packages:

  • Silver Package:

    • User setup & security configuration

    • Customized user interface

    • Essential CRM setups: Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities

    • Custom field creation

    • Sales process & Opportunity stages alignment

    • Email sync for Outlook/Gmail

    • Insightful reports & dashboards

    • 2 hours each of User & Admin training

  • Gold Package (Includes Silver features): Note: For brevity, only unique features need to be listed as the rest are already included in Silver.

  • Platinum Package (Encompasses Silver & Gold):

    • Post-sales process setup

    • Advanced record-level security & sharing

    • Inclusions of Assets & Service Contracts

    • Order management

    • Payment processing

    • Sales forecasting & console

    • Advanced automations, including complex pricing rules

Summit Technologies ensures a comprehensive Sales Cloud experience. From basic needs to intricate processes, we've got a package that's just right for your business.

What's Included

Looking beyond implementation services? We offer integration, custom development, training and support for Sales Cloud.

Important Considerations

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