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Citizen Request Management (311) Accelerator

Improve the experience of citizens in your community with a system for them to better make and track requests

Expedite the Citizen Request Management Process

Every government’s goal is to help their citizens feel heard and respond to their needs. The “Call-in” service request process burdens citizens with long wait times on the phone and turns public servants into customer service employees. 

311 Service Agencies are adapting to the needs of their citizens by offering their public servants the support necessary to respond to the citizens’ requests. When a citizen seeks assistance, they want to feel heard. Giving citizens the visibility and ability to track the status and updates of their requests is key to gaining their trust. Keeping them in the loop with push notifications about announcements and emergencies encourages the collaboration and connectedness of the community.

Today’s service management agencies know exactly what they want – a citizen request management solution that:

  • Allows citizen to submit requests online, remote, and mobile

  • Is easy for citizens and public servants to use

  • Provides analytics with accurate information about requests submitted and closed

  • Is mobile friendly

  • Provides departmental queues for employees for different service requests types

  • Can be adapted to meet their unique needs

Meet our Citizen Request Management Solution

Our Citizen Request Management solution is built on the Salesforce platform and is created to help solve the problems of modern Citizen Request Agencies. Our product is user friendly, flexible, and best of all adaptable to account for the ever-changing landscape and needs. The best part of this solution is that it is turn-key and ready to use with minimal configuration or customization for:

  • Service Request submission

  • Service Request tracking

  • Visibility of all service requests through a heatmap

  • Information about parks and attractions in the community

  • Trash collection information by address

  • Categorization of service requests for employees

  • Push notifications for emergencies and announcements

A solution as unique as your community

Unlike other CRM solutions, with our solution on the Salesforce Platform, you become part of a worldwide, multi-billion-dollar ecosystem that offers a diverse global resource pool and expands your organization reach beyond a proprietary solution. However, there’s no organization like yours, so why not configure a CRM solution that’s tailored to your precise needs? Here is a short list of what you can do with our Citizen Request Management (311) solution:

  • Automation: Cases creation and assignment to a department and its queue. 

  • Records Update: Employees are offered workflows to easily change the priority or department of a case on the case page layout.

  • Case Management: Allow public servants the ability to assign a case to the appropriate person for servicing through the employee dashboard.

  • Citizen Portal: Provide a user-friendly and mobile-ready portal to citizens, one that is available for guest as well as registered users

  • Tracking: Allow employees more time to focus on resolving requests, as citizens and fellow employees can check the status and updates of a request without calling the 311 service.

  • Visibility: Facilitate a connection between the citizens of your city by providing visibility to requests submitted through the heatmap.

  • Push Notifications: Send notifications to the citizens of your city, using built-in templates or the custom option.

  • Dashboards: Compare departments through reports that show the number of cases open per department, how many cases were closed in the past month, and the average age of open cases.

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