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Scribe Online Integration Services for Salesforce

Scribe Online Integration Services for Salesforce

Complex integrations between Salesforce and other apps or SQL databases are fast and simple with our Scribe services

Scribe Online Integration Services from $7,000

  • Discovery on client data model

  • Create field mappings document

  • Configure Scribe to connect with Salesforce

  • Configure non-custom Scribe connector endpoint (ie SQL Server)

  • Create triggers for data sync between the two systems

  • Create flow mappings in Scribe to sync data from source system to destination system (ie Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities or Orders)

    • Add logic or functions to Flows as needed to parse or transform data in transit

    • Sync records

  • Test sync and work with client to resolve any errors

  • Activate and monitor sync for user acceptance period to resolve any sync issues

What's Included

We offer Managed Services to keep Scribe Online integrations working smoothly and aligned with your organization

Important Considerations

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