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Salesforce Sales Cloud Tuning &

Salesforce Sales Cloud Tuning &

Maximize your Salesforce ROI by leveraging advanced functionality and automation capabilities of the platform

Sales Cloud Optimization Services from $4,500

Are you getting a good return from your Salesforce investment?

Salesforce is the most feature-rich and powerful CRM in the world, yet we find most organizations are only utilizing a fraction of the capabilities of the platform. With three releases a year, it is easy to fall behind, especially if the implementation was done in-house or years ago.

What's included in Performance Tuning package?

Aimed at SMB's who have been using Salesforce for a while, we have put together an affordable package of optimization services that will make your sales team more productive and excited to use Salesforce!

Here are a few of the highlights of our performance tuning service:

  • Discovery session with a senior Salesforce consultant - we will review with you how you are currently using Salesforce to determine areas for optimization and to use more of the pre-built Salesforce functionality

  • Lightning implementation or optimization - if you are not using Lightning, we will get you converted. If you are already, we will optimize the screens in ways you never knew possible, based on over 50 Lightning implementations we have done, that will make them more intuitive and easier to navigate

  • Improve data summaries and visibility - we can create rollups of sales data on accounts and formulas to help determine account health or other important metrics

  • Process automation - we will look for ways to automate routine tasks in Salesforce from simply changing an Account type to Customer when an Opportunity closes to complex processes like creating new customer onboarding tasks and assigning them to your operations team

  • Optimize your sales processes - if you are not using Products and Quotes, we will see if they are a good fit. If you are, we will optimize them to make creating a new quote or opportunity much faster by defaulting fields to data from the Account or other records or common values you use.

  • Create new reports and dashboards - we will discuss the important KPI's in your organization and create reports and dashboards to help visualize these KPI's and automatically push them out to important stakeholders like managers or executives.

  • After your system has been tuned and optimized, we will lead a training session for your team to show them all the great features in Salesforce they may not have been aware of that will allow them to work faster and to personalize their Salesforce experience.

What's Included

We offer Managed Services to ensure the Salesforce solution stays aligned with your organization.

Important Considerations

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