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Salesforce Maps Quickstart

Salesforce Maps Quickstart

Unlock the power of location intelligence with Salesforce Maps. Visualize CRM data enhanced with demographic data, optimize routing for sales teams and more

Salesforce Maps Quickstart engagements start at $8,000

The Summit Technologies Quickstart for Salesforce Maps Provides: 

Demographic Insights: Understand your customers like never before. Gain access to demographic data to make informed decisions about where to expand, open new branches, or target your marketing efforts.

Visual Layers: See your business in a whole new light. Salesforce Maps includes intuitive visual layers that allow you to overlay data such as sales performance, customer density, or competitors' locations onto a map. This helps you spot opportunities and areas for improvement effortlessly.

Efficient Routing: Save time and resources with smart routing functions. Plan optimal routes for your sales and service teams, minimizing travel time and maximizing face-to-face interactions with clients.

This package includes:

Setup and Training:We'll ensure a smooth onboarding process, helping you integrate Salesforce Maps into your existing workflow. Our team will provide hands-on training so you can start reaping the benefits immediately.

Customized Demographics: Get insights that matter most to your business. We'll help you configure demographic data to align with your target audience and goals.

Visual Layer Configuration: We'll assist you in setting up visual layers that suit your specific needs, whether it's identifying growth opportunities or optimizing your service areas.  This can be amplified by also implementing and / or integrating Salesforce Territories.

Routing Optimization: Make the most of your resources with routing functions tailored to your business. Plan routes efficiently and reduce operational costs.

Join the countless small businesses that have already harnessed the power of Salesforce Maps. Simplify your business strategies, make data-driven decisions, and chart a course to success. Let Salesforce Maps be your guiding star in the world of location intelligence.

What's Included

Looking beyond implementation services? We offer integration, custom development, training and support for Salesforce Maps.

Important Considerations

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