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Salesforce Experience Cloud Partner Portal Quickstart

Salesforce Experience Cloud Partner Portal Quickstart

Boost partner engagement with Summit's Experience Cloud QuickStart. Portals for lead submissions, joint opportunities, and expert-led training

Experience Cloud Partner Portal Quickstart from $6,000

Unlock the power of partner engagement with Summit Technologies' Experience Cloud QuickStart service. Launch an advanced partner portal tailored to your needs:

  • Discovery Session: Engage in a comprehensive understanding of your business processes, ensuring your portal aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

  • Tailored Builds: Brand-centric portal designs ensure your partners navigate effortlessly. Facilitate them in submitting leads and collaborating on opportunities with ease.

  • Expert Training: Empower your team with the expertise to manage and optimize the portal, complemented by curated Salesforce resources.

Foster deeper partner relationships and drive joint success. Entrust your portal journey to Summit Technologies, your beacon in Salesforce's Experience Cloud collaborations.

4-8 week implementation

  • Discovery for client requirements for Partner Portal

  • Create portal using a Partner Template

  • Set Up custom portal URL

  • Apply Company Logo & Color Scheme

  • Set up Home Page

  • Create a custom portal user Profile

  • Configure Security in Salesforce for Read / Create / Update privileges of portal user at the Object and Field level

  • Create and configure custom Lead, Account, and Contact Community pages for partner users

  • Configure site navigation

  • 1 Hour internal portal admin training,

    • Create and maintain portal Users

    • Basic portal page administration

    • Provide custom slide deck with screenshots

  • 2 Hours of Train the Trainer Training for Partner Users

    • How to log in to Community

    • How to view, edit, create, qualify and convert Leads

    • How to view and update Accounts and Contacts

    • Provide custom slide deck with visual how-to instructions

What's Included

Looking beyond implementation services? We offer integration, custom development, training and support for Experience Cloud.

Important Considerations

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