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Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration

Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration

We can perform the sometimes tricky and laborious process of moving from Classic to Lightning, including VisualForce page replacement and UI optimization

Classic to Lightning Migration Services from $1,000

Lightning Interface Implementation

If you are not using Lightning, your organization is missing out. Quite simply, Lightning is where the best productivity enhancing functionality is coming, and it is addresses many of the common complaints we hear about Salesforce.

If you tried Lightning a couple months or years ago and didn't like it or couldn't adjust to the new interface, it is time to bring in Summit Technologies to optimize Lightning for your organization and show your users the tips and tricks that will turn them from doubters into enthusiastic Lightning evangelists like we are!

Salesforce Lightning: the future is now!

Salesforce is investing heavily in their modern user interface dubbed "Lightning". More than just a visual update to the now tired looking Classic interface, Salesforce is developing many new features that are only available in Lightning including:

  • In-line List View editing

  • Intuitive, highly customizable user interfaces

  • Create and send email templates from Contact and Lead List Views

  • Kanban view for List Views

  • Component-based record page views that are visually appealing and highly customizable for maximum productivity

  • Much improved Global Search functionality

  • Create custom Favorite records lists

  • And much more!

We can make the switch to Lightning a no-brainer! We understand that many organizations have grown accustomed to the Classic interface and are reluctant to switch to an unfamiliar UI, but we believe we can make a compelling case that will make everyone excited to make the switch! Our Lightning migration package includes:

  • Lightning readiness assessment. Not all functionality has been migrated to Lightning, so we will see if any of your users might be unable to make the switch

  • Create a custom Lightning Home Page. We will set up a custom page with a dashboard and other productivity tools to make your teams first look of the day at Salesforce a productive one.

  • We have evaluated many free Lightning components and can suggest and install ones that will improve your team's productivity

  • Lightning record page cleanup. The default record pages for Lightning are not a good fit for everyone, so we will discuss what information you want to see first when opening a record and create a focused, custom experience for your users

  • Lightning user training. To maximize user adoption, a brief 30 minute introduction to all the new productivity features will generate enthusiasm to switch to the new interface

What's Included

We offer Managed Services to ensure the Salesforce solution stays aligned with your organization.

Important Considerations

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