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Salesforce AI Consulting Engagement

Salesforce AI Consulting Engagement

We will help you unlock the power of AI for your business with Salesforce AI products

AI Consulting Engagements Start at $10,000

Now, you might be wondering how to navigate AI- that's where Summit Technologies AI consulting engagement comes in. We're not here to sell you on AI, but to guide you to the best solutions that provide the highest return on investment for your team. 

In today's dynamic business landscape, staying competitive means harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technology. That's where Salesforce's predictive and generative AI solutions come into play, offering small businesses a game-changing advantage. 

At its core, predictive AI is like a crystal ball for your business. It analyzes your historical data to forecast future trends, helping you make informed decisions. Whether it's predicting customer preferences, inventory needs, or market shifts, Salesforce's predictive AI empowers you to plan ahead and stay ahead.

On the other hand, generative AI is the creative sidekick your business needs. It generates content, automates repetitive tasks, and even crafts personalized marketing messages. Imagine your small team having an AI assistant that helps with content creation or automates routine processes – that's generative AI at work.

Our team of experts will meet with your team, understand your unique business needs, and help you chart a customized AI journey leveraging the Salesforce ecosystem - everything from the “right now” tactical uses, through building a comprehensive roadmap for the future.  The initial 90 minute engagement is provided without cost, so we can determine together if AI, and Summit Technologies are the right fit for your business.

Our process is simple and transparent. We'll start by assessing your current systems and data. Then, we'll recommend tailored solutions that fit your budget and goals. We'll guide you through the implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition. And we won't disappear after the setup – we also offer ongoing support.

Small businesses can't afford to miss out on the AI revolution. With Salesforce's predictive and generative AI solutions and our expert guidance, you'll be ready to embrace the future with confidence. Contact us to kickstart your AI journey today, and let's unlock your business's full potential together.

What's Included

We also offer Managed Services for Salesforce AI products.

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