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Salesforce - Quickbooks Online Integration via Zapier

Salesforce - Quickbooks Online Integration via Zapier

Fast and simple integration to create Quickbooks Online Customers and Invoices from closed Salesforce Opportunities

Salesforce - Quickbooks Integration from $2,400

Connect Salesforce to Quickbooks Online

Reduce duplicate data entry and the potential for errors by connecting Salesforce with Quickbooks Online. Our solution creates a customer and invoice in Quickbooks Online when an opportunity is marked Closed - Won. If the customer already exists, only the invoice is created. If the Opportunity includes Opportunity Products, they will be added to the invoice, otherwise a zero dollar placeholder invoice will be created.

We can also sync accounts and customers in Salesforce and Quickbooks Online in either or both directions. Other custom integrations can be performed as well.


Zapier has a low-cost, simple solution for integrating Salesforce and Quickbooks Online

What's Included

We offer Managed Services to keep Quickbooks integrations working smoothly and aligned with your organization

Important Considerations

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