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Payment Processing in Experience Cloud via Linvio

Payment Processing in Experience Cloud via Linvio

Take payments in Salesforce Experience Cloud! Can be used for simple purchases or complex multi-step checkout processes

Price will vary based on the scope of each project

Not all web payment solutions require a full e-commerce solution and all the time and expense of implementing it. If your organization only has a couple of products or services, or there is a high degree of client interaction needed to gather information to determine pricing, this solution may be the best for your use case. With the benefit of leveraging native Salesforce products such as Experience Cloud and the Salesforce CRM, it is much faster and less expensive to build a custom solution to take payments from your customers, partners or other constituents through your existing Experience Cloud Portal. Our services for setting up Linvio Payments in Salesforce Experience Cloud include

  • Perform discovery on form and payment processing requirements

  • Install Linvio Payments app for Salesforce

  • Build form prototype and present to client for testing

  • Form can create/update records in Salesforce for

    • Orders, Opportunities or a custom object specced during discovery (hereafter referred to as orders)

      • Salesforce Account and Contact records as needed with form data

    • Linvio Order for payment related to order record

    • Resulting Linvio Transaction records

  • Revise form based on feedback from testing

  • Create custom Salesforce Objects, Fields and relationships as needed to capture order and payment information

  • Create Dashboard to track orders and payments

  • Add Linvio payment functionality to Salesforce record pages as needed to create a Linvio Order (payment request) from Salesforce

  • Provide training to client remotely on order and payment processing. Custom slide deck and recording of training included

  • Go-Live - Add form to Experience Cloud pages

What's Included

We offer Managed Services to keep payment processing solutions working smoothly and aligned with your organization

Important Considerations

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