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Conga Contracts Implementation

Conga Contracts Implementation

Create, execute and manage contracts through their entire lifecycle using Conga Contracts for Salesforce CRM

Price will vary based on the scope of each project

conga contracts

Let your sales team take control of their contracts. Empower them to create, negotiate, and execute contracts by automating CLM with Contracts for Salesforce. Legal won’t have to approve every single standard contract, and sales won’t have to wait for them to, allowing them to close business faster. Speed up your agreements, from creation to signature, and control for risk. 

Summit Technologies' consultants are certified to implement and administer Conga Contracts.

Conga Contracts for Salesforce Implementation

  • Install and configure Conga Contracts App for up to 10 users

    • For Opportunity, Quote or Contract standard object (choose one)

      • Add Managed Clauses related list to page layout

      • Create Conga Composer buttons on object to

        • Add clause bundles to object record to create a contract

        • Send contract for negotiation as Word file

        • View redlines of returned contract

        • Send contract for execution as PDF

    • Assign User Permissions

    • Create and assign up to 4 User Roles

    • Create and assign permissions

  • Create up to 40 Contract Clauses from customer provided Word files

    • Add up to 40 merge fields (total) from Salesforce fields for Clauses

    • Create up to 3 Contract Clause Bundles (contract templates) from customer provided Word files

    • Create up to 3 Clause types

  • User Acceptance Testing to

    • Edit a contract clause

    • Create a new contract clause without merge fields

    • Add contract clause bundle to an object record to create a contract with merged fields

    • Send a contract for negotiation

    • View redlines and compare contract versions

    • Send a contract for execution via preferred means (download, e-sig if implemented or email)

  • One hour introduction to Conga Contracts for Salesforce Training

    • Create and manage contract clauses and clause bundles (merge fields not included in this training)

    • Build a contract using clause bundles

    • Send a contract for negotiation

    • View redlines and compare contract versions

    • True up a contract after negotiation

    • Send a contract for execution

  • Conga Composer is required

  • MicroSoft Word is required

  • E-signature and document generation require separate Conga products and implementations

What's Included

We offer Managed Services to ensure the Conga Contracts solution stays aligned with your organization.

Important Considerations

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