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Skyvia for Data-Related Tasks.

Skyvia is a universal SaaS (Software as a Service) data platform for a quick and easy solution of a wide set of data-related tasks with no coding: data integration, cloud data backup, data management with SQL, CSV import/export, creating OData services, etc. It is a completely online solution and does not require any locally installed software except for a web browser.  Skyvia provides several different, but integrated products for solving different data-related tasks.

  • ​Data Integration: Automate ETL processes between various cloud applications and databases including import, export, and synchronization

  • Backup: Backup and restore functionality for cloud application data via scheduled automation or manually

  • Query: Cloud SQL client execution of SQL statements against relational databases and cloud applications with Query Builder requiring no code writing

  • Connect: Connectivity-as-a-service to connect data stored in various cloud applications and databases

  • Connectivity: Connected data sources include cloud applications, databases, cloud data warehouses and file storage services with cloud data or on-premise databases.

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Automate importing data from files loaded to FTP or SFTP folders into Salesforce using Skyvia

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