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totally promotional

Salesforce Marketing & Sales Cloud Implementation


Totally Promotional is a veteran in the promotional products industry. Their Coldwater, Ohio-based production plant has been customizing promotional products for individuals, schools, companies, organizations, universities, and government agencies for more than 25 years.


Totally Promotional had been using Salesforce for many years; however, their instance and associated installed apps were out of date and they were not able to move to the Salesforce Lightning interface due to significant technical debt. They also wished to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud to accurately segment and market to their target prospects and customers.


Totally Promotional's online storefront was experiencing frequent shopping cart abandonment, as well as lacking in a proper email sign-up list, to capture customer information. The Management and Executive teams had very little visibility into their system and its performance and needed new reports and dashboards.




Salesforce Marketing Cloud was connected to Sales Cloud, and fields were mapped from Accounts, Leads and Contacts based on the client’s specifications. Data extensions were created in Marketing Cloud to house prospects for the purposes of utilizing the Journey Builder to create comprehensive engagement plans to deliver the right message at the right time, moving prospects and clients through the sales funnel. A specific journey was created to combat shopping cart abandonment.


Summit Technologies created 10 different reports and charts that allow the Totally Promotional Marketing staff to visualize their funnels by criteria such as gender, region, and product category.


After careful analysis and planning, the Summit Technologies team remediated technical debt by updating API versions of APEX code, created and updated test classes, fixed hard coded record ID’s, addressed outdated URL hacks, uninstalled unused apps, deleted unused objects and fields, and performed other necessary actions to facilitate the move to Lightning. Work was done in a sandbox environment with extensive regression testing to minimize likelihood of a disruption to the business.


Summit Technologies also provided training to Totally Promotional staff for the CRM solution, the data loading process and introduced the team to Market Cloud Email Studio and Journey Builder.



  • ​Summit Technologies built out a highly scaleable custom marketing solution for Totally Promotional

  • The system allows Totally Promotional marketing staff to:

    • Create and manage customer Journeys

    • Deliver the right message at the right time, moving prospects and clients through the sales funnel

    • Create a specific journey to combat shopping cart abandonment

    • Create meaningful relationships between Totally Promotional and their prospects & clients

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