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Weldaloy Specialty Forging

Weldaloy Specialty Forging

Weldaloy Specialty Forging

CRM on Salesforce Government Cloud with Salesforce Shield and PLEX ERP Integration

About the Client

Weldaloy originally started as a producer of precision-shaped welding caps, tips, sleeves, and shafts using extruded copper alloys and advanced resistance welding techniques developed during World War II. Over time, they began melting copper billets and producing their own alloys due to difficulties in finding reliable suppliers. They became a key source for non-ferrous alloys used in welding rust-resistant steels. In the late 1960s, production was centralized in Warren, Michigan, and they expanded their capabilities to include forging, particularly in seam welding wheels. In 1994, Weldaloy was acquired by Rick Warren, and today, it is a prominent supplier of forged copper, titanium, super alloys, and other non-ferrous products to industries like aerospace, oil and gas, power equipment, semiconductor, and material processing.

The Challenge

Weldaloy was using a homegrown CRM system to manage their sales and customer data, however, as the company expanded and their customer base grew, they encountered reliability and scalability issues with their in-house solution. To address these challenges and streamline their sales and customer management processes, Weldaloy made the strategic decision to adopt Salesforce, a widely recognized and robust CRM platform. Salesforce was selected for its reputation for reliability, extensive features, and the ability to provide a more efficient and scalable solution for managing customer relationships and sales activities.

Recognizing the need for a centralized location for account management and to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with triple data entry, Weldaloy sought a comprehensive solution that Salesforce and Summit Technologies could provide. The adoption of Salesforce aimed to consolidate their customer data, improve data accuracy, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

In addition, Weldaloy needed a partner that could collaborate with Commercient to integrate Plex ERP seamlessly into the Salesforce ecosystem. This strategic partnership ensured a holistic solution for Weldaloy, addressing both CRM and ERP needs while fostering a unified approach to data management and business processes.

The Solution

In their quest for a more reliable and scalable CRM solution, Weldaloy opted for the Salesforce Government Cloud paired with Shield data encryption and a PLEX ERP Integration. This choice was made in recognition of the specific needs and requirements of their business, related to security, compliance, and data management in industries where government regulations play a significant role. Salesforce Government Cloud with Shield ensures they meet any government-related requirements or standards.

Several automations were configured by the Summit Technologies team to create tasks for untouched Opportunities, reminders if a Quote is in the same stage for too long, and an alert for an email to be sent out to management if an RFQ date is set on an Opportunity without a Quote attached to it. The PLEX Integration was completed with the assistance of a Summit Technologies partner, Commercient. Summit Technologies served as project manager for the integration to ensure that both the Weldaloy and Commercient teams were communicating and executing effectively.

Result for Our Client

With Summit Technologies implementing Salesforce Government Cloud and providing ongoing support via managed services, Weldaloy can effectively maintain and manage their Salesforce Government Cloud org. With ongoing managed services, Weldaloy has monthly working sessions with the Summit Technologies team in order to further expand their Salesforce capabilities and learn best practices from Summit Technologies' certified consultant. This partnership helps Weldaloy ensure that not only is their data compliant, but their entire CRM ecosystem remains well-maintained and optimized for their business needs. Summit Technologies  play a pivotal role in helping Weldaloy uphold the highest standards of data compliance and operational efficiency, allowing them to focus on their core business while having peace of mind about their CRM system's reliability and security.

In Our Client's Words...

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