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Venture Logistics

Venture Logistics

Venture Logistics Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot Implementations

Venture Logistics needed to re-implement Salesforce CRM to migrate from an outdated Salesforce org to a new Lightning org configured for multiple business units and opportunity types and integrate Salesforce with their ERP.

About the Client

For over 25 years, Venture Logistics has served as a full-service logistics partner for customers in North America and across the globe, offering a vast array of specialized services to get the job done safely, successfully, and on time—24/7, 365.

The Challenge

Venture Logistics had one business unit that was using Salesforce but needed assistance bringing two other sales business units into a single Salesforce platform. The sales teams needed to be able to work independently on some opportunities and collaborate on others.   Reports and dashboards that existed in the previous environment needed  to be rebuilt with multiple business units in mind. Existing data from  previous Salesforce needed to be migrated and associated to the  appropriate units. Venture Logistics needed to update the lead process  to accommodate the new model.

Through the discovery process with Venture Logistics, Summit Technologies learned that Venture:

  • Wanted  like to migrate from an outdated Salesforce org to a new Salesforce org  while enhancing the functionality for the business unit using it and  onboard two other business units that were minimally or not using  Salesforce

  • Had a need for strong internal contextual collaboration tools to cross-sell across business units and ensure proposals are generated  in a timely fashion - Transparency, automation, timely notifications and  effective oversight were keys to achieving this process in Salesforce

  • Required  integration between Salesforce and their ERP to keep account data in  sync and surface critical account revenue data for the sales teams

  • Desired  a quick launch to deliver the initial stages of the Salesforce  implementation, with Summit Technologies providing expert assistance and  guidance to ensure a seamless transition from the old Salesforce org to  the new

  • Had strong internal personnel resources that can be leveraged during the project to:
    Work side by side with Summit Technologies, and where appropriate, to share work and provide in-depth oversight and input
    Work  towards establishing an internal center of excellence for Venture,  which will provide long term optimization of their Salesforce instance

  • Wanted to strengthen their email marketing efforts and associated reporting

The Solution

Summit Technologies addressed the challenges. The Summit Technologies team:

  • Designed a new data model to include the additional business units

  • Migrated the data from one Salesforce instance to the other with no interruption to the business

  • Revised the lead process to align with Salesforce best practices and allow for additional business units

  • Updated reports and dashboards to align with new key performance indicators (KPI)

  • Trained their Salesforce administrators on newer functionality of Salesforce and best practices

  • Integrated ZoomInfo Phone system

  • Integrated ERP system with Salesforce via iPaaS (integration platform as a service)

  • Developed solutions to automate processes as needed as well as convert outdated Workflows to supported Salesforce automation methods

Result for Our Client

Summit Technologies was able to provide the “One Venture” experience that Venture Logistics leadership had championed. Sales teams across all business units are able to share and collaborate on opportunities and can view critical data from the ERP system while in Salesforce. The Marketing team is building effective marketing journeys for clients and prospects with deeper insight into their efficacy. The Venture Salesforce admin team was impressed with the knowledge of the Summit Technologies team and how quickly we were able to overcome any hurdles that arose during the process.

In Our Client's Words...

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