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National Truck Protection

National Truck Protection

National Truck Protection Sales Cloud Managed Services

Managed Services for Sales Cloud with ERP Integration

About the Client

National Truck Protection (NTP), with almost 40 years of experience, is a key player in the warranty business. They partner with various stakeholders, offering warranty programs for major mechanical failures in the trucking industry. Known for their transparent approach, they promise to cover repairs for failed parts included in their warranty programs. They prioritize exceptional customer service and work efficiently with over 5,300 repair facility partners to minimize truck downtime.

The Challenge

In their Salesforce expansion efforts, NTP actively sought a dedicated Salesforce admin to enhance their data transformation maturity, bolster their current Salesforce Marketing and Sales Cloud implementation, improve sales performance tracking and lead management, and streamline automation for more effective direct marketing and digital media conversion. They aimed to promote data democratization, foster seamless data sharing across sales channels, and enhance dashboard performance to facilitate decision-making. Ultimately, their objective was to streamline internal processes, encourage intuitive connections, and increase operational velocity, benefiting both customers and the business.

The Solution

In a strategic decision to address these challenges, and recognizing the importance of this technology modernization initiative, NTP chose to partner with Summit Technologies on a Managed Services model rather than hiring a full-time Salesforce Admin employee. This flexible approach allowed them to efficiently tackle a wide range of Salesforce-related tasks and improvements while leveraging the expertise of Summit Technologies' dedicated developer and their full team. This method provided NTP with the advantages of scalability and cost-effectiveness, ensuring they had the right resources precisely when needed to accomplish the complex Salesforce objectives. Instead of relying on a single jack-of-all-trades resource, they had access to a full team of resources with deep knowledge and expertise into a wide portfolio of Salesforce products.

Result for Our Client

NTP's partnership with Summit Technologies persists as they plan to expand their Salesforce organization with our guidance and consulting services. This ongoing collaboration reflects their commitment to growth and leveraging our expertise to enhance their CRM capabilities. With Summit Technologies' support, NTP is well-prepared to address evolving challenges and capitalize on opportunities within their Salesforce ecosystem, ensuring sustained success in their operations.

In Our Client's Words...

"I have worked with a number of system and solution integration teams during my career and I cannot stress enough how important it is for partners to invest and understand your business. Summit has done just that and we are looking forward to a long partnership for success."

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