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Sterilization Monitoring Service Turnkey System

A custom web-based application for Sterilization Monitoring organizations. Manage customers, equipment, tests and payments in one simple system

Our low cost, easy to use and quickly implemented cloud application lowers labor and postage costs while improving client satisfaction

Finally there is an web based application to manage your growing sterilization equipment monitoring service. Tracking customers, sterilization equipment, tests and results is easy in our cloud based solution built on the ultra-reliable and secure Salesforce platform.

  • Reduce time and labor cost of daily test entry using bar codes and a custom interface built for speed and accuracy

  • Track test status and automatically pass tests when incubation period has completed successfully

  • Reduce time and labor costs with automated email and text notifications to staff and clients when a test fails

  • Improve sales and customer loyalty with automated notifications when customer is low on test strips

  • Print test strip envelopes with bar codes for ease of test entry

  • Print mailing envelopes to ship test strip orders to customers

  • Send weekly or monthly reports to customers electronically with a button click

  • Print weekly or monthly reports for customers who cannot receive reports electronically with a button click

  • Enter and process orders for test strips

  • Track batch or lot numbers of strips sold to customers

In addition to features that empower your lab and office personnel, we offer an optional customer web portal to further reduce costs while improving customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Our secure web portal will empower customers to

    • View, add or remove sterilization equipment for their account

    • View test results by sterilization machine

    • Print compliance documents as needed

    • Order test strips

    • Research common problems and solutions

    • Request help from your team

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