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Environmental Health Accelerator

A system for public sector Environmental Health organizations ie health departments. Includes permits, inspections, violations, health code and a citizen portal

Maintain a Healthy Community

There is no better vitality indicator for a community than its cleanliness and the health of its citizens. To maintain a happy and healthy community, the overseeing governing body must be able to enact proper environmental health programs to hold businesses accountable and provide citizens transparency into their practices. As the world moves to a digital place, communities must follow best practices to stay ahead. 

Communities need a place to capture and share information about the health practices of businesses and the health of the environment within their jurisdiction. This is paramount to maintaining business health code compliance and happy citizens.

An Environmental Health solution needs to provide a way to automatically record and maintain all records of inspections, complaints, various health and safety information, and allow Health Inspectors to conduct their jobs remotely, virtually, and mobile. In doing this, a community can trust that businesses are following best practices and ensure businesses are being held accountable not only to government, but most importantly to the citizens they serve.

Just as economic development is important to the growth of a community, so are its environmental health practices. If a community is failing to meet the needs of its citizens, then they may choose to take their business transactions to another jurisdiction and/or relocate altogether. Similarly, when a community has high environmental health controls and practices, it attracts citizens from within and outside its jurisdiction looking to live a healthier life. With advancements in technology, developing and maintaining the well-being of a community is easier than ever.

Communities know exactly what they want when it comes to environmental health: healthy businesses and healthy citizens. They need an environmental health solution that:

  • Is easy for their staff to use

  • Provides secure, anywhere access with no internal IT systems needed

  • Works with the tools that they use every day (e.g. MS Outlook, MS Office 365, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.)

  • Can be adapted to meet their unique needs

  • Can integrate with their existing IT and financial systems

  • Is compatible with everyday user technology (smartphones, tablets, email, etc)

  • Provides dashboards & reports that provide accurate information about health inspections, violations, and renewals

  • Can change as their business needs change

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