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Community Development Accelerator

Accelerate community development with our system for permits, inspections and a constituent portal

Streamline Community Development for Planning and Permitting

Government agencies across the country are looking for ways to provide better digital citizen services. At the same time, Communities are realizing the growing importance of easy, efficient citizen services like user-friendly permitting. They want a user-friendly portal for businesses and citizens, including resources and guidance around the permitting process.

We understand the challenge. We need to improve the planning and permitting process because

  • Agencies have insufficient staff to handle the building permits workload

  • Old paper based methods create long permitting wait times with substantial backlogs

  • Agencies have finalized building permits with incomplete final occupancy inspections

  • Agencies are unable to track building code violations to perform follow up inspections

Modernizing the permit process to provide a faster, more effective way of conducting business is the new normal. It is now expected that a mobile/remote work force is here to stay. In addition to processing and managing permits, inspections, and certificates of occupancy, as well as other agency approvals, citizens, property owners, and contractors now have the expectation that they can do many other online functions without having to visit an office. Things such as:


  • Schedule inspections online

  • Access permits online to check on Permit application status or Inspection results

  • Permit and Certificate of Occupancy issuance conditions and results

  • Code enforcement based on established ordinances and regulations

If you are looking to operate your Permit Department at its full potential by standardizing, digitizing, and unifying more operational and customer service processes, we can help! We provide a digital transformation solution for your processes that is developed with the input of subject matter experts and real-world users. It serves as a repository of best-practices and is the manifestation of efficiency, productivity, and security for government agencies.

Meet our Building Permits Solution

Our solution for Community Development is the answer to the issues that Planning, Permitting, and Code Enforcement teams tackle every day. We built this solution to address the needs of Community Development teams and agencies. It is easy to use, feature rich, and covers most organizations’ immediate needs with ample room for growth. Most importantly: It is a turn-key solution, ready to use today for:

  • Online Permit Application submission

  • Project Management

  • Permit Application Tracking

  • Permit Application Status Check

  • Paperless Routing of Documents

  • 24/7 Accessibility

  • Offline Access for Mobile Inspectors

  • eSignatures

  • Online Payments Processing

A solution as unique as your community

Unlike other software providers, with our application on the Salesforce platform, you become part of a worldwide, multi-billion-dollar ecosystem that offers a diverse global resource pool and expands your organization reach beyond a proprietary application. There’s no organization like yours, so why not configure a solution that’s tailored to your precise needs? Here is a short list of what you can do with our Community Development solution:

  • Online Planning & Permitting - without leaving their homes, offices or construction sites, citizens and contractors can:

    • Submit permit application with supporting documents

    • Obtain permits on projects requiring no review

    • Obtain permits after review and approval

    • Check project status

    • Request inspections

    • Sign documents with eSignature

    • Pay fees with automated fee calculations

  • Project Management:

    • Assign projects to multiple agencies with different review times

    • Assign projects and tasks to specific staff

    • Easily monitor projects with dashboards and automated reminders

    • Manage approval processes from external agencies such as Public Health and Sanitation

  • Fast and error-free project intake:

    • Retrieve data by address, by property owner, or by project applicant

    • Ensure all required information and documents are provided with application

    • Easy project descriptions and definitions – pre-built lists for occupancy group, construction type

    • Verify contractor licensing with the state database – if available by state

    • Verify bond, workers compensation, insurance and other permitting requirements against state database – if available by state

    • Verify business license against the jurisdiction’s database – if available by jurisdiction

  • Inspections and Code Enforcement:

    • Conduct field inspections with remote (connected and offline) capabilities

    • Code enforcement based on land use and zoning ordinances – or any other regulations

  • Dashboards: Measure the success of your department over the course of the year and year over year

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