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Send and Receive Text Messages with Salesforce

Send Text Messages from Salesforce? There's an App for that! 

Summit Technologies has experience implementing all the leading SMS Text Messaging apps for Salesforce. Here are our two recommended choices!

ClickSend makes SMS from Salesforce Easy! 

ClickSend is a cloud-based service for Salesforce that lets you send and receive SMS and Fax messages.

  • Send SMS text messages to a Salesforce contact

  • Send SMS text messages to a group of Salesforce contacts

  • Message stored as an activity on the contact.

Salesforce LiveMessage - perfect for contact centers! 

SMS text chat, campaigns and automated workflows for customer service, seamlessly integrated with Service Cloud. Salesforce LiveMessage enables your call center for customer texting via existing 1-800 or landline business phone numbers.

  • Text enable your landline phone for incoming SMS messages, SMS campaigns, live web chat, SMS text automation and customer service.

  • Leverage outbound SMS texting app for event reminders, SMS text chat, bulk SMS, and SMS text workflow rules for 2 way SMS feedback.


Salesforce LiveMessage provides 2-way SMS & OTT mobile messaging for Service Cloud contact center agents to engage with customers in real-time text conversations with automated workflow.


  • Enables landline texting to office & 800 numbers

  • Integrate SMS texting with custom workflows with Lightning Process Builder

  • Seamlessly adds 2-way conversational texting channel

  • Standard SMS text messages - no customer app needed

  • Sync & log text chat with leads, contacts, person accounts

  • Bulk SMS text messaging campaigns & lead nurturing

  • Initiate outbound texts, better than live chat

  • Automate appointment reminders, notifications, interactive text response (ITR), text-to-case

  • Omni-Channel integration for smart routing

  • Capture data for customer feedback & analytics

  • Support multiple, simultaneous, two way texting chat sessions

  • Picture messaging or MMS to send/receive customer photos

  • Complete SMS text solution, no other app or subscriptions required

  • Business-class text platform; over 8 billion texts & counting

  • Add a click-to-text feature to your website

  • Compatible with Service Cloud & Lightning

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