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Salesforce - PLEX ERP Integration

Salesforce - PLEX ERP Integration

Sync customers, orders, opportunities, products and much more between Salesforce CRM and PLEX ERP

Price will vary based on the scope of each project

In a matter of a few weeks, with our partner Commercient we are able to create a robust, reliable 2-way sync between Salesforce CRM and PLEX ERP that will periodically sync:

  • Customers

  • Opportunities

  • Orders

  • Fullfillment information

  • Products

  • PO's

  • Data from custom objects and fields

The sync period is configurable and near realtime sync may also be achieved.

Our services include:

  • Facilitate integration discovery

  • Integration design

  • Create any custom objects or fields needed in Salesforce for ERP data

  • Build integration

  • Integration testing

  • Deploy integration

What's Included

We offer Managed Services to keep PLEX integrations working smoothly and aligned with your organization

Important Considerations

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