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Get the (Survey) Monkey off your back!

Many companies and nonprofit organizations incorporate surveys as part of their marketing  or program management operations. Although there are many popular third party solutions such as Survey Monkey available that will integrate with Salesforce via a connector app from the AppExchange, many people are unaware that Salesforce has created a robust, free application that would meet many organization's needs and that will natively integrate with your Salesforce organization. It can be installed from the App Exchange here. Unlike some products of Salesforce Labs, Survey Force is updated regularly.

The Survey Force survey creator features different options for questions, from single choice multiple choice, multi-select multiple choice and free-form text questions. A rich editor allows you to customize the survey header and thank-you message that appears when the survey is completed. Custom CSS may be added to further change the look of the surveys.


With a small amount of configuration, Survey Force surveys can appear on a public-facing web page, and a custom link provided by Survey Force can be put into a Salesforce email template. The email template can then be used either with a Salesforce Marketing Campaign, or sent individually to Contacts. When a recipient of one of these emails clicks on the link to take the survey, their Contact ID is passed along. When the survey has been completed, the results are linked to the Contact that took the survey, and can be viewed in a Related List on the Contact record. Survey's can alternatively by associated to Cases instead of Contacts if desired.


Survey Force provides reports to summarize survey data from many survey takers.


One consideration is that as an unmanaged app, any updates made in the future by Salesforce are not automatically applied to installations of Survey Force. Updating may require a complicated process or even un-installing and reinstalling the app. It also will not work on any edition of Salesforce below Enterprise edition (so, not on Professional). It is Lightning ready, so it works with the updated Salesforce UI.

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