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service cloud quickstarts

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As a Salesforce partner, our success is determined by our client's success

Summit Technologies has performed countless Service Cloud Quickstarts for clients in many different industries. Why should you choose Summit Technologies for your Quickstart?

  • We will provide a no-cost estimate of the cost and timeline for implementation

  • Our consulting team is 100% based in the United States and all of our consultants speak English as their first language

  • Our consultants are all certified by Salesforce

  • Each Quickstart project is assigned to a Delivery Manager as well as a consultant. Delivery Managers are our most senior delivery team members and can assist or advise when needed if more complex business needs arise

  • We have developed proprietary processes and tools to ensure successful delivery of all Quickstart projects

  • We look beyond the initial implementation to set our clients up for long-term success with recommendations for additional ways to leverage Service Cloud to streamline business processes through automation and integration

Our Service Cloud Quickstarts are tailored to our client's needs-
here are some guidelines for cost and timeline
  • Set up users & field and object security

  • Optimize user interface based on client needs

  • Configure Accounts and Contacts

  • Set up email to case and web to case

  • Set up one case type, optimize existing picklist fields

  • Create custom case fields as needed

  • Set up Case Assignment and Case Queue

  • Set up email sync with Outlook or Gmail

  • Email Templates

  • Duplicate record management

  • Reports and Dashboards

  • Two hours of User training

  • Two hours Salesforce admin training

All Silver features plus

  • Additional case types

  • Service console

  • Case escalation and SLA

  • Set up Service Contracts and Assets

  • Custom objects and relationships

  • Custom object record types

  • Data validation rules

  • Business process automation

  • Approval processes

  • Set up Marketing Campaigns

  • Additional reports and dashboards

All Silver and Gold features plus

  • Service Cloud Voice

  • Customer Portal

  • Chat and chatbots

  • SMS integration

  • Knowledge base

  • Accounting system integration

  • Donor platform integration

  • Record level security and sharing

  • Payment Processing

  • Advanced business process automation

Data loading from spreadsheets or other systems quoted separately​

Looking beyond implementation services? We offer integration, custom development, training and support for Service Cloud. 

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