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the shipyard

Custom Salesforce Project Management Solution


The Shipyard is a Digital Marketing Agency located in Columbus, Ohio that uses data to develop content strategy. Developer and creative teams work hand-in-hand with data science teams to imagine the most personalized and inspiring creative approaches.  


  • The Shipyard won a large contract with a major insurance company to manage the social media pages of their local agents.  

  • The Shipyard needs to collect a great deal of personal information, schedule a professional photo shoot, brainstorm and generate social media posts for each agent

  • The social media posts then must be approved by the agents and scheduled for posting.

  • With hundreds of agents, the prospect of successfully managing hundreds of these projects simultaneously was a source of concern to The Shipyard team.  



  • After evaluating integration options with existing PM solutions the Summit Technologies team concluded that a custom PM solution built in Salesforce would allow The Shipyard team to manage each agent as a separate project within Salesforce. 

  • Custom dashboards would allow management to see the status of all projects and tasks easily and identify any tasks that were blocked or past due.  

  • In addition to relating projects, milestones and projects tasks to each agent project record, Summit built separate data structures to create project templates as the tasks for each agent project were the same.   

  • The templates allowed management to quickly generate complex projects for each agent with many tasks, each assigned to different team members with start and due dates taking into account business days and holidays.



  • ​Summit Technologies built out a highly scaleable custom project management solution for the Shipyard

  • Team members are presented with a queue of tasks that are ready for their effort

  • Automated email notifications to staff and agents help keep projects on track and team members informed of project status

  • Management team has an overview of agent project status and easy visibility of tasks in danger of being completed late

  • The executive team can easily see the overall health of the program

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