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Connect your Salesforce

Salesforce has numerous tools and apps available to integrate with nearly any web site or on-premises application.

We craft integration solutions using

  • Pre-built connector apps (when available)

  • Third party middleware solutions such as Informatica or Magic

  • Custom API calls

  • Salesforce Connect

Salesforce Email Client Integrations

  • Salesforce to Outlook Integration

  • Salesforce to Outlook 360 Integration

  • Salesforce to Gmail Integration

Salesforce SMS Text Send/Receive Apps

Salesforce Marketing Automation

  • Salesforce to Hubspot Integration

Salesforce Bulk Email Integrations

Salesforce eCommerce Integrations

  • Salesforce to Shopify Integration

  • Salesforce to Magento Integration

Donor and Activist Site Integrations

Salesforce Survey Solutions

Salesforce Accounting and ERP Integrations

Other Salesforce Integrations​

  • Utilize Salesforce API to Create Custom Integrations

  • Installation and configuration of existing AppExchange solutions for many integrations

  • Salesforce integrations using integration

  • Salesforce integrations using Informatica ETL solution

  • Salesforce integrations using Magic ETL solution

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