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salesforce solutions for higher education


Salesforce EDA

Interactions for Student Recruitment 

Salesforce Student Advisor Link

Salesforce NPSP

Summit Technologies has successfully delivered solutions for a number of higher education institutions.

Our services include:

Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA)

EDA is an open source, community-driven data architecture built to configure Salesforce out of the box for the full K-20 student lifecycle. Designed to be a flexible and scalable data architecture for institutions of all sizes, EDA can fit your specific use cases from Day 1. Easily see the relationships students have with advisors and family members as well as their affiliations with clubs, departments and more - all in a single view. With a solid building block for institutional growth, your institution will be well on it's way to becoming a Connected Campus and increasing student engagement across the entire lifecycle.

Interactions for Student Recruitment

Interactions for Student Recruitment provides higher education institutions the tools they need to manage student recruitment in Salesforce. As an unmanaged package/open-source code, it builds on the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) data model and uses Affiliations, Administrative Accounts, and other HEDA features. Interactions for Student Recruitment uses Salesforce-standard Duplicate Management with new functionality called Interactions, which save time and reduce duplicate records by streamlining the data entry process. It provides a highly customizable structure to standard functionality such as Opportunities and Campaigns to meet the many different needs of a higher education institution. This project was funded by a technology innovation grant and includes technical documentation, user guides, learning guides, and other documents to help universities get started with recruiting in Salesforce.

Salesforce Student Advisor Link

Advisor Link, which is built on the Salesforce platform, transforms advising in three important ways:

  • By automating certain manual tasks, advisors can spend more time actually advising.

  • Advisor Link will provide provide analytics and insights to empower “data-informed advising.”

  • Advisor Link will help align the student’s community of support and affirm connectedness to their school.

NPSP for Advancement

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a free add-on for Salesforce that allows higher education organizations to organize their fundraising activities.

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