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salesforce for local, municipal and county governments

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A cloud-based case management solution

Become Citizen-Centric

Introducing a constituent-centric, service management platform for municipal agencies

Local government must provide the modern tools and foundation for citizens to be self-reliant and take action to improve the community.

Empower service workers with best practices at each step of the lifecycle. Unlock data, open up mobile access, and deliver faster time-to-value, all in the name of better constituent service.

Government agencies are under rising pressure as the need for their services continues to rise without a corresponding increase in budget. Agencies face three major challenges:

  • States, counties, and cities are seeing a rising demand for services.

  • It is difficult for people to navigate through the current systems, in a time when customer experiences with many other types of services have gotten substantially simpler. Clients still have to fill out paper forms, wait in long lines, and deal with complex policies that force people to understand government programs and organization charts rather than helping them get the assistance they need.

  • In this day and age, the technology used by government agencies is often terribly outdated. Service workers’ systems make it burdensome to report on the work they do, instead of automating processes and helping them to be more efficient.

In order to address these challenges, Summit Technologies is pleased to partner with Salesforce to present a solution to help deliver a robust and complete system that will give government agencies a client-centric application. Salesforce for government unlocks data, enables mobile workflows and delivers faster time-to-value, all in the name of better care.

Connect Everyone and Everything

A connected city creates a participatory and collaborative environment that builds trust, drives accountability, and provides transparency.

Salesforce for government gives every employee the modern, mobile, analytical functionality they need to identify patterns, resolve issues, and advance the mission. It’s analytics for the rest of us, on a FedRAMP-approved cloud platform.


Increasingly fragmented data makes it hard to find disruptions, correct issues, and improve services at a pace that meets today’s demands. Salesforce removes these silos, turning data into powerful bargaining chips that make the most of missions.

Empower each employee
Unlock the visibility teams need to gain data-driven insight with an intuitive, flexible, self-service platform.

Deliver better service
Consolidate data across mission-critical systems to understand niche needs and adjust services accordingly.

Understand patterns
Bring data to life and turn insight into action with visual tools that highlight context often lost in spreadsheets.

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