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Go Live with in Two Weeks! is a standalone cloud based customer service platform that was acquired by Salesforce in 2011. It can optionally be integrated with Salesforce so information can be shared from one system to another. It features a updated UI, and with its low monthly subscription cost and fast and inexpensive implementation, it is a great solution for small or rapidly growing companies that need a unified platform for managing cases originated from multiple channels such as phone, email, chat and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Whether you are new to or you would like to add on to your existing Salesforce platform, our QuickStart implementation is the best way to quickly get started with and start seeing a return on your investment.

Our Salesforce™ Certified professionals get to know your company and map your customer service and support requirements to functionality, following best practices.

What's included in our QuickStart implementation packages?

After we review your customer service and support requirements, we create an implementation plan, which we review with you to ensure that we account for all of your requirements.

We then get to work customizing to your requirements including:

  • User Configuration

  • Create a custom branded home page

  • Set up Universal Inbox to display cases from all channels in one place

  • Connect Social Media accounts

  • Configure phone and Live Chat options

  • Brand with your company logo

  • Configure Case Filters and Labels

  • Set up Case automation for case escalation, case notification and case assignment rules

  • Optionally, we can integrate with your implementation so data is easily shared

After everything is set up, tested and working correctly we can optionally import any data you have for cases (provided the data is in a compatible format).

What happens after QuickStart is completed?

After completion, we recommend that you subscribe to our Salesforce Managed Services program. This ensures that as your company grows and evolves, your implementation will too. We will handle administration, customization and configuration of so you can focus on your business!


quickstart implementation
from $1,699 with Salesforce integration

quickstart implementation
 from $2,699



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