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Custom Product Configurator in Salesforce


AmeriWater is a long-established industry leader in the design, manufacture, installation and supply of water purification systems and services for dialysis, industrial and healthcare applications. They offer a broad portfolio of high quality, flexible and trusted water purification products, all of which are designed with the end user in mind.


AmeriWater sells complex water treatment systems to dialysis centers through a network of distributors. Each system is a combination of 10 or more products that must be selected based on a number of different factors and formula calculations.

When scoping for a sale for a new water purification system distributors need to fill out a 17-page document. This document is very time consuming to complete as it requires many formulas, inputs, and workflows that has to be completed by Sales reps and introduces the possibility for errors. The inputs and calculations are the attributes used to select the appropriate components of the system.

After emailing the completed form to AmeriWater, an AmeriWater sales manager needs to carefully review it as errors are costly. and easy to make The entire process is labor intensive and reliant on a few key individuals at AmeriWater.



Summit Technologies built a web form using FormAssembly to gather the input data which is then processed using a Salesforce Flow to perform the needed calculations and select products that matched the input parameters. Selected products are staged on the quote record for an AmeriWater rep to validate. Once validated, with a button click the products are added as Quote Line Items. 

Quote templates were created to easily generate the customer-facing documents with editable fields for terms and installation instructions.  

AmeriWater products were loaded into Salesforce and the Product object was customized with custom fields to capture the product attributes required for the automated selection process.  



  • ​AmerWater now had a more efficient process to select the required products and generate sales documents.  Errors by the distributors will decrease immensely. 

  • What was a long process for the AmeriWater team and their distributors, is automated in Salesforce which allows AmeriWater to more quickly respond to distributor opportunities. 

  • AmeriWater is now less reliant on a few key employees to generate sales proposals

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