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Salesforce Communities allow organizations to connect with their customers, employees and partners. Communities allow organizations to collaborate, share data and create online forums where customers can interact, help one another or access self help resources. Partners can team sell and selectively share product and sales information with one another.

Salesforce offers four different types of Communities licenses:

  • Customer Community. Geared towards customer support, It is a one-stop, self-service shop for your customers. Members can log into find answers, connect with one another to share experiences and resolve issues with the help of the Knowledge library

  • Customer Community Plus. More powerful than the Customer Community license- providing roles and sharing, reports, dashboards and additional storage

  • Partner Community. Geared towards resellers and partners, it opens up collaboration channels to your vendors, distributors, and resellers by making sales information accessible to partners

  • Employee Community. Provides hub that to support all of the processes between your business and your employees. It is a 24/7 platform that connects your team by providing a full 360-degree view of each employee.

Summit Technologies is proficient at implementing all aspects of Salesforce Communities​. Our consulting team has relevant certifications in:

  • Community Cloud Consulting

  • Advanced Salesforce Administration

  • Platform App Builder

  • Platform Developer

Some of the services we offer:

  • Salesforce Customer Communities Implementation (formerly Customer Portal)

  • Salesforce Customer Community Plus implementation.

  • Salesforce Partner Communities Implementation (formerly Partner Portal)

  • Salesforce Employee Community implementation.

  • Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation

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Customer Community Quickstart gets you up & running fast!

Summit Technologies QuickStarts give you:

  • Set up and customization of the Customer Community

  • Up and running in 2-3 weeks!

  • Training included

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