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Salesforce Community Implementation


Discover Publications contacted Summit Technologies in desperation when, after nine months, they had still not rolled out Community Cloud to their clients.


Discover Publications needed Community Cloud expertise - fast! They required a site to allow them to exchange information with clients to streamline their operations. They had a deadline to deliver the solution and were stuck.



  • Developed a multi-page interview for a custom object

  • Created a Community Home page to share to-do list items with clients

  • Added a Lightning Component calendar for Discover Publications to create and share Events with their clients

  • Created custom fields to collect industry specific information

  • Unified and applied conventions to the design of the site for a more professional user interface

  • Provided ongoing consulting as a service to ensure their Community Cloud and Salesforce implementation grows with them!



  • Salvaged a failing Community Cloud implementation

  • Re-established commitment to Salesforce as the application platform of choice for Discover Publications going forward

  • Built a trusting and enduring customer relationship


From Catherine Zupan, Director of Operations:


"We went through 3 consultants before finding Summit. The difference was night and day, and the cost was very reasonable. They helped us get our Communities up and running in less than a week (after 2 other teams essentially dragged their feet for 9 months - yes, 9 months!). We are ecstatic! We also have Managed Services with them, for a few hundred bucks a month they are our go-to for anything Salesforce. The team is INSTANTLY responsive - like within 2 minutes. I have experienced other consultants and can tell you, there is no comparison. Hire Summit!"

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