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Ross Environmental Services 
Salesforce Field Service Lightning Implementation


Beginning in 1949, Ross Environmental Services has dedicated its mission to helping the environment and improving hazardous and industrial waste management. Much of this work relies on the scheduling and dispatching of trucks to complete services.



To keep up with demand, Ross elected to modernize their IT department and phase out their old system. With this, they needed a new ERP that ensured drivers received accurate schedules, timelines, and equipment. Ross Environmental wanted to progress from managing from a spreadsheet in Excel to a fully automated system capable of fulfilling their needs. 

"Summit did a really good job of listening to my concerns and having a plan in place-- it was more of a partnership."


Summit Technologies provided Ross with a consultant weekly to work with their Project Manager to find the best solution possible. This involved creating customizations that Field Service Lightning (FSL) may not have been able to offer out of the box. With proper communication and collaboration from both parties, Summit Technologies was able to transform Ross’ manual Excel management to automated FSL flows, thus creating a much more efficient process. 

Summit Technologies provided the following:

  • Guidance and consulting on implementing Field-Service Lightning

  • Most economical way to integrate with SAP Business One

  • Scheduling via Field-Service for appointments

  • Field-Service work orders & jobs processes

  • Integration with SAP Business One

  • Customers (Accounts, Contacts, Projects)

  • Financials (Orders, Invoices, Payments) 

"Summit didn't miss a beat and always had a backup plan"



Through the complexity of Ross’ needs, Summit was able to be flexible and find solutions that would help solve the inefficiencies of their previous tech stack. The traditional process for FSL is a route with multiple stops, similar to the traditional delivery driver process. With customization, Summit was able to include a secondary “return appointment”, that allowed routes to be planned with a pickup and drop off, followed by another pickup and drop off and so on. This process allowed Ross to successfully move from pen and paper to a Salesforce solution


“What I appreciated the most about Summit is their ability to be flexible with us. They understood our model, and were willing to provide us with the augmented staffing we needed, allowing us to be fully engaged and in control of the project” - Nikki Smith-Hignite

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