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Winter '23 Marketing Cloud Release Highlights

Updated: Jan 13

Engagement: Digital Command Center for Slack

Account Engagement: External Actions

Intelligence: Ecommerce Marketing Insights App

Intelligence: Intelligence Connector for Sprout

Einstein: Content Selection

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Winther '23 Release Highlights

You can now take action on prospects in third-party applications via Engagement Studio programs. Plus, you have the option to run a full sync on your prospect database and you can now grant users access to most of the Account Engagement Lightning app with new permission set licensing.

Improve automation health by reviewing the efficiency and success rate of your automations with new data views. Import and export files from Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and trigger automations from external sources, now generally available. Opt into the beta to import and export files from Google Cloud Storage. Package Interactive Emails in Package Manager. Secure custom domains in Marketing Cloud Setup. Apply the Consent Data Model to Marketing Cloud communications.

The phone number configuration is now consistent across all supported clouds. Creating objects that use formula fields as a filter is no longer supported. See upcoming changes in the Winter 2023 release for Distributed Marketing and synchronized data extensions and what to do to prepare.

Interaction Studio is now Marketing Cloud Personalization, and Advertising Studio is now known as Marketing Cloud Advertising.

Fend off more threats with expanded asynchronous API permissions validations.

Quickly and easily test image assets with the new Einstein Content Testing feature. Live weather content has been retired and replaced with the Einstein Content Selection (ECS) local weather feature introduced in the Summer ’22 release. ECS image size upload limits increase reliability. Archiving asset classes and fallback images now use a single-step process. The model card for Einstein’s Probabilistic Opens provides insight into how our AI models process message opens. And Einstein Copy Insights model readiness and Subject Line Tester model confidence provides more information.

Export query results directly to email, and create custom KPIs in the Query Builder. Enhance your Intelligence Reports by including email send and bounce type information.

Digital Command Center for Slack is now available for your automation and journey needs. Check out new configuration warnings that help you create more successful journeys for your customers. Use the Image Carousel block for interactive emails. Content Builder templates include screen reader support.

As a super user or admin, be aware that Salesforce is soon enforcing the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for direct logins to Social Studio.

Reach out to Summit Technologies for more information on how Marketing Cloud is improving!

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