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Why You Should Migrate to Salesforce Lightning Experience

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Salesforce Lightning Migration

It is essential for any business to move from older software development tools to the latest ones to increase productivity and ROI. The migration can seem overwhelming but the results can be amazing. Case in point: Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning Experience.

With intuitive services and tools to automate your business processes with the feature of external application integration, the Salesforce Lightning platform is robust and powerful CRM technology. If your Salesforce development team is still using Salesforce classic to complete your business projects, then Salesforce Lightning is a new platform that can assist you to take your business to the next level.

You likely chose or migrated to the Salesforce platform because of its powerful, best-in-class, cloud-based technology. Imagine what can happen if you kick it up a notch?

What are the top 12 reasons that Summit Technologies, a Salesforce implementation partner, lists for companies to migrate to the Salesforce Lightning Experience?

  1. Personalization. Salesforce CRM has a wide range of widgets and customization options to enable rapid personalization of the platform for business processes across industries and departments. The cloud based Salesforce platform lets you take your business wherever you are, requiring fewer resources and providing greater flexibility.

  2. Highly Compatible. The Salesforce platform is compatible with all major internet browsers and works on desktop, laptop, and handheld devices.

  3. No Software, no Hardware, No Technical Debt. The Salesforce platform is not a software installation. The solution is housed in the cloud. There are no servers to maintain on premise. Real-time access to data increases business efficiency and minimizes response times. Salesforce Quickstart implementations from Salesforce partners like Summit Technologies are fast, customized solutions.

  4. Simple to Manage. A fully customized instance of Salesforce is intuitive and easily managed by creating an intelligent navigation bar. Tabs are divided into relevant categories for your business. Machine based learning empowers the platform to help you find what you are looking for. Training time is minimal for end users.

  5. Powerful Automation. Salesforce CRM is designed to manage business processes for sales, service, marketing, case management and more. Team leads and managers have a custom view allowing them to analyze in detail and adjust strategies based on the information available.

  6. Effective Management. Gather activities, monitor tasks and completions, view the status of scheduled and completed activities. Salesforce provides effective management tools your business needs to keep up with the ever changing landscape.

  7. Collaboration with Chatter or Slack. The social media functionality of fully integrated collaboration tools like Chatter and Slack are easy to use and help businesses work together across teams.

  8. Faster GUI Development. Salesforce Lightning components are reusable and built in a drag and drop process. The Lightning App Builder and Lightning Components framework allow administrators and developers to roll out visually appealing applications faster.

  9. Components Not Code. Coding skills are not required to build applications and user interfaces. The reusable drag and drop lightning components reduce programming skills and man hours required to enhance the functionality of the Salesforce platform.

  10. Custom Home Page Views. Every organization and industry is unique. Salesforce Lightning allows you to create custom home page views for every role in your organization with reports they need, tasks readily visible, lead assignment at their fingertips, and email creation or movement in and out of campaigns fully enabled with the click of a button.

  11. Custom Page Layouts. Salesforce Lightning Experience allows you to layout standard salesforce object page views focused on the action required with activity timelines to clearly follow a contact’s activity and best next steps to move the sales process forward. Related records and lists can be added for immediate access without searching around the database.

  12. Sales Automation and Kanban Views. Navigate through the opportunity stages with one click functionality. View the opportunity and keep it moving forward through the pipeline. Define the fields most relevant to the opportunity path. Utilize kanban Views to visualize all the deliverables for a deal or project in one place.

The feature-rich Salesforce Lightning platform offers a wide range of customizable tools. It is important to decide whether all the features of Lightning are required for your instance and relevant to meet the needs of your business or not. Summit Technologies can help you adopt and visualize the best end results of your Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Salesforce platform solutions are not one size fits all and Salesforce’s many cloud based services meet a wide range of problems for businesses with customized solutions from Salesforce partners like Summit Technologies LLC.

With the wide assortment of options, it often becomes difficult for the business to decide which features are needed and which are most appropriate. In such situations, businesses may choose many features, thereby resulting in overloading of functions. This not only reduces the efficiency of Salesforce Lightning but also impacts the user experience significantly.

The primary reason for adopting Salesforce Lightning is to increase the productivity of businesses. However, post the migration of Salesforce Lightning, your business might experience certain issues with the performance.

The performance issues may include high loading time, less responsive pages, complications in navigations, scalability issues, and more. These performance issues usually result due to a lack of proper analysis before the migration. Even if you are planning to do your own Salesforce Lightning Migration, consider working with Summit Technologies to ensure the best end result.


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