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What Sales Reps Expect from the CRM to Empower Deal Closing Speed

Salesforce Sales Cloud customized to empower sales reps

Sales operations professionals are the experts in process efficiency, but in

resource-tight times, leaders are increasingly looking to them to boost productivity throughout the selling organization.

Top on sales ops’ list of to-dos: getting sellers on target and back to selling. Reps say more than two thirds of their time is spent on non-selling tasks, taking them away from important customer conversations.

Sales ops pros are responding with, among other tactics, tech consolidation and optimization that cuts reps’ manual work, so they can focus on building customer relationships and closing more deals.

Salesforce customization and automation tools can help sales reps do more deals while spending less time on administrative tasks.

Sales leaders are experts in process and efficiency but antiquated martech stacks still find many sales reps spending only about 28% of their week selling and the rest of the time focused on important but time-consuming tasks like deal management and data entry.

Process improvement is important but power driven tools built into your Salesforce org can save more time and empower reps to get back to the business of selling.

A key problem for sales orgs to tackle: too much tech. Sales teams are overwhelmed with tools — analytics platforms, account management and forecasting tools, lead management tools, and so on. Many of these are vital to the sales process. But they can be costly, and the sheer volume of resources can create click overload.

No wonder two-thirds of sales reps say they’re overwhelmed by all the sales apps. In response, sales organizations are planning to streamline their tech stack. This could enable reps to focus more on the human side of selling, and less time clicking from tool to tool.

To promote efficient selling, sales ops can prioritize their consolidation around features most popular with sales organizations: reporting, CRM functionality, and account/contact management, among others. Only 37% of sales professionals strongly agree that their organization fully utilizes its CRM. Inside sales reps in particular have cited major opportunities for improvement.

What are the most useful CRM features your sales reps are looking for?

Process and workflow automation

Data entry automation

Intelligent customer insights

Integration with internal systems

Ability to replace other sales tools and tech

Sales operations can address these concerns by customizing Salesforce to:

Adapt to hybrid or virtual selling

Modernize tools and technologies

Streamline processes

Improve data accuracy and quantity

Salesforce Sales Cloud and Sales Cloud Unlimited simplify your tech stack while boosting sales efficiency.

Summit Technologies LLC can help you customize and integrate Sales Cloud Unlimited to enable all your reps to close more deals. Contact us today.

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